Saturday, March 21, 2009

Look Daddy! No hands!

We have been giving solids to Ryan since he was 6 months old. We found that he loves sweet potatoes and totally hated avocados. So, we have been blending sweet potatoes with cauliflowers, carrots and avocados during the last couple of months.

Feeding him has always been interesting as he will have some new antics every other day.

He has developed a habit of biting the spoon and would not let go when we were feeding him. Furthermore, he will bite the spoon to make the spoon comes up and down, all the while smiling cheekily and teasing us.

Hence, feeding him has always been such a wonderful experience so far. I just hope that this will continue for as long as possible before he turns nasty and start spitting out food whenever he throws a tantrum.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Milestone - He is standing on his own

Date: 8th March 2009
Time : 3:45pm

Ryan was born in the year of the rat, but he is more like a little monkey to us. He has been attempting to stand over the last two weeks or so, despite being sick with running nose, cough and fever. He will be grabbing at anything his hands can get hold of and he will most certainly try to pull himself up. Hence, we have been watching him like a hawk.

We also noticed that he is able to stand while holding on to something for a few days now but he has not attempted to let go and stand on his least not until today.

He was playing with us as usual on the masterbed and refused to sleep. As usual, his favourite toy is his daddy and mommy. He was climbing all the over the bed and the pillows as usual and have been holding on to us while he tried to stand. We did not pay much attention to him. However, suddenly, to our horror and joy at the same time, we noticed that he was standing on his own without holding to anything while one of his hand was still clinging to his beloved TV remote controller. Before, we could say 'Hei...' he toppled over.

I quickly grab my camera and wait for him to try his stunt again. It was not as easy as he has noticed my camera and wanted my camera instead. We have to hide the camera while patiently wait for him to try to stand again. My patience paid off.

First he crawled towards my wife, picked himself up and while holding on to his mommy, he stood up. Then, with his shaky legs, he let go and was standing there all by himself. As I aimed my camera at him to click, he turned and I managed to get two good shots before he excitedly went for my camera.

Monday, March 2, 2009

His new Playground

We noticed that Ryan wanted to get onto the floor to crawl more often now. In fact, there are many times that he doesn't really want to be carried. He just wants to get down and have that total freedom to crawl and roam to his heart's content. However, we are worry sick each time, we put him on the floor because we are worried that he will just fall flat on his face and break his teeth or hurt himself.

So over the weekend, we have decided to get those colourful floor mats. We wanted him to have his new playground so that he could crawl, sit and fall to his heart's content. We went to Toy`r'us at Subang Parade and got him a total of 16 multicolor pieces which when joined up will give him significant space to perform his `stunts'. My God. They certainly don't come cheap. We have to pay close to RM20 per piece and as with most parents, nothing is to expensive if it is good for their babies. So there we were, spending close to RM400 in just 30 minutes.

When we got home, the moment we have the pieces joined up, Ryan was already kicking, twisting and turning in his mommy's arm, wanting to get down and start playing. He was just smiling and laughing away, crawling from one corner to another once he got down. For us, we are just happy to see him enjoying himself. I just hope that he doesn't get bore with his new playground within a week. Otherwise, it's hard earned money down the drain.......

More Pictures on Jeju Island Coming up NEXT!