Friday, January 28, 2011

Ra Ra ah ah ah.. Roma Roma ma ....Gaga Oh la la

My little boy has always taken a liking to music even before he started to walk. And he has always been shaking his bump and his body when we switched on music in our car stereo but he is into HOT HOT music with lots of tempo and beat...

It is therefore no surprise that one of his favourite singer is none other than LADY GAGA!

He has been listening to her songs off and on for some time now, whether in the car or when we go karaoke but it never occurs to me that he can memorized them.

I was driving him to school this morning and while waiting a the traffic light, I was unconsciously singing ..."Ra Ra ah ah ah...Roma Roma ma ..." and before I could go to the "Gaga .." part, he looked at me and to my amazement, said "BAD ROMANCE!!!"

And I said "What?" and he repeated himself ..."BAD ROMANCE!"

I asked him who the singer was... and he said " GAGA!"

Emmmmm....not bad for 2.5 years old boy ....and it took me weeks to remember the first line and even longer to remember the name of the song ....

Thursday, January 27, 2011

"Stan Notty Coner N Cly!!!"

That's exactly what I got from my little rascal the other day.

And this is the exact words that we used to reprimand him when he is extremely naughty. We have decided not to use the cane as much as possible and we have not start either. We found out that the most effective way to punish him is to `banish' him from our side, either make him to go upstairs with kakak or to make him stand at a designated corner of our house known to him as the `Naughty corner'.

We would scold him and told him to go to his naughty corner and stand there and cry all he wants and he is not allow to leave the naughty corner unless we ask for him or he starts to say sorry for being naughty.

So, the other day, I accidentally split on water on the table. This little cheeky fella saw and asked "Who make?"

And mommy pointed at me and said " Daddy made".

He immediately pointed his accusing finger at me and said "oooooooooorrrrrrr...."

Then with a stern and serious face, said, "Go....Stan Notty Coner and cly!"
followed by "no notty !!!!"
followed by "go upstairs !!!!"

We were stunned and at the same time amused. I got a shot of my very own medicine...hahahaha
So, had no choice but to say sorry to him and said 'Daddy no more notty' .....

Monday, January 24, 2011

123456789 and 10

Date : 23rd Jan 2011

"1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10!" he shouted ......

We stopped whatever we were doing and asked him to repeat it one more time......

"1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10!" he shouted again in one breath !

We were ecstatic. We finally got him to count from one to ten. We have been trying to teach him counting for months now. He has been pretty good with `1,2,3, and 4', always got stuck at `5' and will be able to continue from `6' till '10' if he paid attention to what he is doing. But never once has he been able to count from 1 to 10 correctly.

Our repeated attempts to get him to count correctly again proved futile as he was now in his cheeky and playful mood and just refused to focus and concentrate.

Just the other day, he wanted me to sleep with him on the mattress on the floor of the living room while watching his favourite Ultraman DVD. I was just too tired and was really comfortable sitting on the sofa. So, I told him to count to TEN before I would go down to sleep with him.

Count to TEN he did but he took a shortcut!

`Eight, Nine, TEN!' FINISH!' he shouted back.....

I had to leave my comfortable sofa and crawled down to sleep with him on his mattress while he put his leg comfortably on my stomach because although I did tell him to count to TEN (and he DID), I didn't specifically told him when to start counting .....

I guess I better be MORE SPECIFIC now with my instructions .....

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Cravings for Pasta

Like I have mentioned in my earlier post, the cravings changes everyday and what is surprising is that things that my wife loves before, she dislikes. Food that she can't stand before, she craves.

Every lunch and dinner is pretty challenging nowadays as her cravings or the the food that she felt like taking changes everyday.

Just a couple of nights ago, she has a craving for pasta. Luckily we still had some left over spaghetti at home. So, it was a quick spaghetti aglio olio with basil leaves, fresh chili, corned beef with broccoli (since I read somewhere that broccoli is good for pregnant mothers as they are loaded with folic acid besides the fact that it is the only vegetable I had in the fridge at that point in time.)

I wonder what her next cravings would be .......

Monday, January 17, 2011

Stomach Pain excuse!

Fourth morning to play school.

For the first three mornings, he has been hesitant to get up to go play school and used the excuse that he was still sleepy and wanted to continue to sleep. However, we still managed to get him to change, get him into the car and once he gets to the school and seeing all the children there, he would be fine.

The fourth morning was no different. He was his usual grumpy self, rolling all over the bed and complained that he wanted to `oi oi' (sleep) some more. When we managed to finally get him to change and brush his teeth, he refused to go downstairs, knowing that he has to go `school'.

After much persuasion, we managed to get him downstairs and put him on the sofa to wear his socks and shoes. As we are preparing to leave, he came out with a new `excuse'....

He pulled up his shirt and rub his stomach and said, "Stomach pain school.." and lied on the sofa.....

.....AND he is only 2.5 years old !!!! OMG!

I wonder what excuse he will come up with next in order to avoid school...and this is ONLY the FOURTH DAY!!!

Monday, January 10, 2011

First day at School

Today is the day. The first day to school. We have just changed his daycare/school from the previous one to this new one known as Little Footprints. He has been attending daycare for the last six months but were sick so frequently that we have opted to change to this new center which looks better managed, more passionate towards the welfare of children and definitely looks much cleaner.

After more than 2 months not having to go to `school' we were apprehensive of how he would behaved this morning. We could not get him to sleep any earlier last night and we dread having to wake him up this morning.

At 8am, I gave him a gentle push and told him to get up. The first thing he did was giving me a frown and said "I don't want to go school!" (We didn't even tell him the night before that he was supposed to go school. How on earth did he knows, beats me!). Then "I don't want to go `mum mum' (eat)" followed by "I don't want to go `kai kai' (out)". Then he turned away and mumbled "Ryan want `ngoi ngoi' (sleep)"....

So, in order not to agitate him any further, we went to have our shower and let him lazed around a bit more. Then as expected, he wanted his milk. Made him his milk and he was having it with his eyes half closed..I was worried as to how to get him to dress without him making a big fuss!...

Luckily, after he finished his milk, he got up, still holding on to his pillow. I tried my luck and asked him to brush his teeth. Surprisingly, he agreed. OK..first hurdle done!..While he was brushing his teeth, I suggested that he changed his clothes and diapers. "OK daddy!" Phew...2nd hurdle done! So we quickly changed him but the moment he saw his uniform, he kept on saying "No school! No school!" Luckily his uniform is just an overcoat, so, we planned to let him wear it only when he gets to school.

Got him to wear his socks and shoes without much of a fuss (though he looked rather grumpy) and got him into the car. 3rd hurdle overcame! Phew.

But the moment we reached the school, he started to cry "Don't want school! Don't want school!". Well, we have no choice. I grab him and carry him inside. The teacher came out and helped him to put on his uniform. There were many other children crying with their parents and the moment he saw that, he stopped crying. He was more curious now. We led him into the playroom with toys on the table. Within minutes, he was busy playing with the toys accompanied by my wife.
After a couple of minutes, while he was busy playing and watching others, we `excused' ourselves silently from the playroom and stood watching from the glass window. While others were either busy crying or running around, he sat on his stool, clutching his bolster, watching others. Since he looked OK with the environment, we left.

When I went back to pick him up at 11a.m. he was already busy mingling around with other kids and was happy to see me. The moment he saw me, he went to the teacher and told her "Ryan go home!" He immediately grabbed his bolster and went looking for his schoolbag. Found it at one corner and immediately dragged it to the door, ready to leave.

A round of good byes and flying kisses all round to all the teachers, he was in the car heading home. First day at school wasn't that bad. The only problem I didn't anticipate was he didn't allow me to get back to work without making a big fuss....(But that is another story..)

Thursday, January 6, 2011

2011 Count Down

Where to count down with a good view of the fireworks for Ryan? Last year, we had our count down at the Sunway Resort Lobby Lounge where we could get a rather good view of the fireworks except that we have to `fight' with everybody else for a good place near the window to watch it properly. So we called up Sunway again for their New Year eve count down specials. Besides the similar package available for the Lobby Lounge at RM80++ that comes with a free drink, their West Lake Chinese Restaurant package was pretty attractive too.

They served international buffet for that night with free flow of drinks (depending on whether you take the free flow juices or free flow house pouring eg wine, beer) with a DJ and a live band as well. To ensure that we get a table next to a window where we do not have to `fight' for a good view, we booked a table next the window where Ryan could view the fireworks comfortably while I could take some pictures when the count down begins.

The theme for the night was Chicago/Shanghai in the sixties and red and gold seemed to be the theme colours for the night.

Enjoying ourselves on the dance floor and Ryan enjoying his food.

Ryan enjoying his party pack and dancing away.

5 ....4....3....2....1.....HAPPY NEW YEAR!! and let the fireworks begin

It's another memorable count down for us and more so, because we did it as a family looking forward to a better 2011 knowing that we would have another additional family member joining us when we have our count down for 2012.

Wee Wee and Poo Poo

We have been trying to train Ryan to let us know when he wanted to wee wee and poo poo for a month now. Previously, we have taught him to tell us when he wanted to wee wee or poo poo but he would normally tells us after the event is over....sigh...

With him now approaching 3 years old by May, we really wanted him to understand the importance of going of letting us know when he wanted to do his `business'. So, we have decided not to let him wear his diapers during the day, so that if he had an `accident', he will be all wet and his pants soiled and he HATES that!

And it actually helps. He has started to inform us that he wanted to wee wee. Initially it was like a mad rush and `accidents still do happen' especially if we could not get him to the toilet bowl or take off his pants in time.

Last week, it seemed that we have been pretty successful not only with his wee wee but his poo poo as well. And he enjoys flushing the toilet.

So, as parents we are relieved that he has gotten the hang of toilet training and above all, I think we could save a `small fortune' by using less Mamy Pokos...hahaha

Monday, January 3, 2011

Cravings for Potatoes

As I was saying in one of my earlier post, wifey's cravings has been going crazy this pregnancy. Her appetite and nausea before and after food is so bad this round that she has the phobia of eating. She feels horrible when she is hungry but after eating, she gets her nausea and heartburn. :( It's definitely no joke being pregnant with all the changing hormones creating such havoc.

Last night, she suddenly had a craving for potatoes. We have initially wanted to boil ABC soup but it was a little too late to buy all the ingredients. Managed to get some potatoes though. So, instead of ABC soup, we did a mash potato with butter mixed with corn beef (one of her favourite), served in roasted potato skip with a touch of olive oil.

End result was pretty satisfying. She loves it (and finished the entire potato which was a great relief to me) and surprising, Ryan liked it as well. It must have been the fried corn beef.

Emmm...I wonder what her next cravings would be. I sure hope that it is not going to be abalone or shark fin soup but something much simpler and definitely cheaper like ABC soup!
More Pictures on Jeju Island Coming up NEXT!