Friday, January 28, 2011

Ra Ra ah ah ah.. Roma Roma ma ....Gaga Oh la la

My little boy has always taken a liking to music even before he started to walk. And he has always been shaking his bump and his body when we switched on music in our car stereo but he is into HOT HOT music with lots of tempo and beat...

It is therefore no surprise that one of his favourite singer is none other than LADY GAGA!

He has been listening to her songs off and on for some time now, whether in the car or when we go karaoke but it never occurs to me that he can memorized them.

I was driving him to school this morning and while waiting a the traffic light, I was unconsciously singing ..."Ra Ra ah ah ah...Roma Roma ma ..." and before I could go to the "Gaga .." part, he looked at me and to my amazement, said "BAD ROMANCE!!!"

And I said "What?" and he repeated himself ..."BAD ROMANCE!"

I asked him who the singer was... and he said " GAGA!"

Emmmmm....not bad for 2.5 years old boy ....and it took me weeks to remember the first line and even longer to remember the name of the song ....

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Adrine said...

Ha hahh...... Ryan is getting smarter day by day! It's just amazing how much kids absorb without even us realising eh?

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