Thursday, July 28, 2011

A sweet moment with Kor Kor

(Chenya on Day 6)

We are constantly worried with the arrival of Chenya that Ryan would be jealous and unhappy. Well…is he…??

Yes. He does get jealous if we paid too much attention to baby Chenya but at the same time, we know that he loves his sister very much and we are sure that he will protect his sister as they grow up together….

Why? Listen to what he says ….

“Ryan ..eye slugger (Ultra Seven – his hero). Ryan strong. Ryan protect mei mei ….)”

I managed to capture this one shot which I simply adores and would like to share this shot with you…….truly a `Kodak moment’…..

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Ryan is a kor kor now

Ryan is now kor kor.

Yupe. Suddenly, with the arrival of baby Chenya, Ryan has suddenly seemed to us like a big boy now and on occasions, he behaved like one…and we are so very proud of him.

Here is one instance…..

As with all mommies, trying to breast feed is everything and the failure or lack of milk often times turns even the most jovial and care free mommy to a desperate, depressed and disheartened mommy. Coupled with the painful problem of breast engorgement, it can be very very depressing…..

My wife has always been positive and strong but the above proved too much to handle and she broke down while trying so hard to express more milk after Chenya has failed to latch on properly to feed…..

I was concerned naturally and try my very best to encourage and comfort her but unlike the first pregnancy with Ryan where I have to do this alone, I have the best assistant in the world….Ryan…..

He put his hands on her mommy’s arms and with a very very very concern and serious look, comfort her mommy and said, “Mommy..please don’t cry… I love you mommy ….” (…and to think that he is only 3 now…my GOD…it’s amazing)

Looking at them…I know I am truly blessed ……

Chenya at 2 days old at home....
Chenya at 3 days old at home ....a side profile...

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Baby Chenya Has ARRIVED!

Announcing the arrival of baby Chenya on the 20th July 2011 at 13:43 at Damansara Specialist Hospital.

I’m typing this as I watched over her while tired mommy is sleeping. She is one cute baby and a pretty fierce one at that. Yelling at the top of her lungs when she came out and when the nurses took her away from her mommy to be cleaned up…

I believe that she is going to be a handful soon….hahahaha….

A bit of a drama too when we check in 2 nights ago …but more of that later….too tired now to write another line…..

Some pictures of her for the dear uncles and aunties, kor kor and che che here who have been praying for her safe arrival…Thank you very much. Truly appreciate every wish and prayer….

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Soon Soon Soon

Baby girl is now close to 37 weeks now and wife has developed a cough so bad after she caught the flu bug from Ryan. The good news is that the itchiness had subsided significantly after a round of piruton but the cough is really bugging her now. She is coughing so much that she can hardly sleep.

So, we brought forward our appointment with Dr Guna to see what could be done with the cough. Unfortunately, nothing much except some medication. In fact, he was joking that it could be good …hahaha….

Anyway, checks revealed that little baby girl is still not ready as her head is still no engage. The doctor is expecting that to happen anytime next week. Meanwhile, we were asked to go back on Monday early in the morning with bags all packed and ready and if the baby’s head is engaged, he will suggest to induce delivery as the baby is now already 3.1kg and might be a little too huge for wife since she has not been used to delivering a big baby. (Ryan was only 2.2kg when he arrived)…

So, here we are now, waiting for Monday to arrive.

Meanwhile, while waiting, we also went to make another big investment yesterday. With a new baby arriving, we thought that it would be good if we trade in one of our cars for a bigger MPV. And if we don’t get that done this week, we would probably have to wait an entire month if not two (since she would be in her confinement period). We were pretty specific in what we were looking at and the most salesman in town had trouble getting us what we really wanted.

Well, we did find something close to what we want with a small compromise in the interior colour (we wanted something light but we ended with black and grey instead). On hind sight, it would save me a lot of screaming to make sure that Ryan does not dirty them while he climbs from seat to seat.

The confinement lady has been informed to be on standby while my mother is already in town and ready to help us purchase all the necessary Chinese herbs for the coming confinement. It looks like everything is ready for her arrival ….

Exciting times ahead …….(I better had a few more beer before she arrives as I am sure that that would be an activity that I would have to drastically reduce once she is finally here…so Kilkenny, Hoegaarden, Stella and Stalkers at Overtime…here I come …!!!!)

Monday, July 4, 2011

Bitten for the Very First Time!

Last Sunday, we went to the newly opened Citta Mall at Ara Damansara for a walk besides looking for a place to have our breakfast. We were there a couple of weeks before to try out the Papa Rich which was the only outlet opened then. This round, we see that more restaurants and cafes have opened.

We went to San Franscisco for our set breakfast and Ryan was absolutely crazy over their American breakfast set. In fact, he finished one of the sausages and half of my ham.

After a hearty breakfast, we took him to play sand art for the very first time. He was interested initially but this boy has absolutely no prolong attention span. Half way thru, he was more interested in playing with the color sand in the buckets..!!

Once that was done, we took him to have a look at the pet rabbits that were on display. There were a couple of very furry ones on the table and he enjoyed patting them and they were happily licking and nibbling his hand...(that was when I captured the moment in the picture above!! The little white rabbit gave him a small nibble). Then we saw two more slightly larger ones on another table attended to by the lady behind the stand...Ryan wanted to pat them as well and the lady was kind enough to let him sit on her lap and played with the two rabbits...

Suddenly, one of them gave him a big nibble, a bite actually. Ryan let out a scream and frowned. Blood was oozing out from his tiny thumb. "Rabbit bite me!" Rabbit Bite me!" The lady quickly took some cotton to wipe off the blood and put a plaster over it.

But he was a brave boy. No tears. No crying. Just a massive frown on his forehead and repeatedly said "Pain. Pain. Rabbit bite me!!"

We took him home after that and wash his little wound with Dettol and put on some ointment. The bite was quite nasty for a small little boy. Luckily the bleeding has stopped and it looked fine this morning when I sent him to school.....

So, there you have it...his very first bite by a rabbit ...
More Pictures on Jeju Island Coming up NEXT!