Thursday, March 11, 2010

Super Glue Syndrome

Ryan is going through his `Super Glue Syndrome' phase now and believe me, it is a nightmare for us.

We used to be able to get the maid to feed him, play with him, entertain him and bath him even when we are around. But lately, he has grown SO VERY ATTACHED to us (especially my wife) especially when we are around in the house.

Whenever when we are around, he would just refused to go with the maid and throw a big tantrum if we `forcibly' push him to the maid if we have to get certain things done in the house. He is so sticky that he would not want to maid to feed him, bathe him or play with him. He just want US! I can't even take a bath without him tagging along into the bathroom.

Going to work in the morning is a nightmare because he would be wailing and yelling his head off and not wanting us to go to work. So, I have been trying to leave for work even before he wakes up in the morning to avoid having to see him crying pitifully, wanting to follow.

I wonder when this phase will end because it is extremely tiring going through this `super glue syndrome' with him. Any advice?
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