Sunday, January 31, 2010

A weekend at Shangrila KL

Recently, my eldest son, Reuben came back from New Zealand for his annual holiday as usual, he would insist on having his annual japanese buffet feast at Zipangu Shangrila KL. This year, however, instead of just having a dinner there, we made reservation for two nights during the weekend at the Horizon floor. I'm not sure which on my sons have more fun ...hahaha

Ryan with his `mermaid' pose at the swimming pool to woo the mat salleh girls.......

Daddy doing his bit to try to woo the Mat salleh girls...with no apparent success of course .....

Daddy and son looking at beautiful `birds' around the pool....wooweeee........

Ryan having his taste of pool at The Pub ........ Gaya ada ....

Yupe...that's the way to get it down. Firstly, place the white ball near the hole and aimed at it and hit it in...No? That's what my brother just did!!!!!

Evening cocktail at the Horizon Club. Lots and lots of yummy colorful deserts... Looks good mommy..quick quick...I want a bite !!!

Wow...Huge strawberry coated in white sugar with chocolate ....Let me have it ..Let me have it !!!

Yummmmm Sengggg...!!! Reuben Koh Koh.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

2010 Count Down! Party Animal!

Date : 31st December 2009
Venue: Lobby Lounge Sunway Hotel

We discovered a party animal lurking in our 1.5 year son!

We wanted to have a count down where we could get Ryan to see some fireworks. After some last minute calls, we finally manage to reserve a place at the Lobby Lounge at Sunway Resort Hotel. At Rm80++ for only a drink, it was rather expensive, but then again, we were thinking that it is once a year affair.

We went early, drop our car with the car valet and walked over to Sunway Pyramid for our dinner. After dinner, we went for our count down party. There was a life band performing and from the moment, Ryan heard the blaring music, he was shaking to the beat! He was at it non-stop from 9pm till 12:30 am. He was the first, the youngest and the loudest dancer on the dance floor the whole night. We were not sure whether we were more amused or embarrassed but there he was, shaking and clapping away at every song.

Even the singers were amused. At one point, he was on the stage shaking and shouting away with the pretty lead singer.

At the stroke of midnight, there was a massive, colourful and dazzling display of fireworks and he was totally mesmerized. As the party gets hotter and the music beats picked up, so did our son, joining the mostly adult crowd in the dance floor. Finally at around 12:30 am., he remembered that he had not had his milk and asked for it. He finally dozed off with the milk bottle still in his mouth but not until the funniest thing happened.....

Half way through his sleep, while the music was still blaring away and the people still dancing, he suddenly got up (with his eyes still closed) and started to shake his hand (still dancing in his sleep), laughed and then clapped his hands before continuing with his sleep!

For us, it was the most memorable count down because we did it with our son. The RM160++ cover charge was, to us, well spent.

Happy New Year everybody.
More Pictures on Jeju Island Coming up NEXT!