Thursday, December 29, 2011

VIP my foot!

We have to bring Chenya to the Damansara Specialist Centre yesterday morning for her pneumococcal and rotavirus vaccination. We went as early as we possibly can to avoid the morning traffic jam and arrived there at 10am. We registered and our number was 20 and the counter showed 10! We braised ourselves for a relatively long wait. Seeing Dr Musa is always tough but worth it because he is good with the kids. We went for our breakfast at the cafeteria. When we came back an hour later, the number has just moved to 12 and the doctor was not in his clinic anymore! We were informed that he was out attending to some VIP who had came in. He was finally back 30 minutes later and he was busy catching up with all the patients who have been waiting since 10am. I really pity him and his staff as they were working through lunch hour. Chenya finally had her vacinations at 1:30pm. We were there for 3.5 hours for a 15 min appointment just because there was this apparent VIP who took up over an hour!

My question is why do VIP gets special treatment? Who was this VIP? Why are they considered as VIP? Are they considered as VIP just because they are ministers who carry a title? Are they some rich tycoons who have billions in their bank account that I don't have?

I can understand that head of states are given right of passage on our roads for security reasons but when it comes to seeking treatment in the hospital especially here when we are talking of a paed services, does it meant that a VIP's child's life is more valuable and important than a non VIP like myself?

If they are VIP because they hold a government ministerial position, then let's us not forget that they are there because we voted them there and hence shouldn't we be considered more important than them? Shouldn't they be made to make appointments and be made to wait just like everybody else?

If they are tycoons and billionaires and hence they are given VIP treatment, is it because they are paying a premium rate for the services of the hospital that we, a commoner could not afford? Knowing my country, I sincerely doubt so.

So, back to my unanswered question..... Who are VIPs and why should they be given preferential treatment?

For now, I just glad that the waiting episode was over but her next appointment is one month down the road. Just hope that some bloody VIP's children don't choose to be sick on the same day.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Getting Smarter!

Children nowadays are much smatter than my generation. They are so smart that sometimes it is so scary because it is so much more challenging to teach and Educate them. You can no longer simply brush them off with some silly reasons or excuse.

Ryan is certainly one smart and cheeky one and getting pretty good in cornering me.

The other day, early in the morning while still lazing around in bed, he came and hug me and said " Daddy... I want you." Wow! That was sweet and some more early in the morning. "I want you too" I replied.

"Daddy, can you promise me that you love me." he asked. Now, I am sure all parents would gave the answer that I gave innocently. "I promised!"

"Daddy, can you promise me you wouldn't scold me anymore?" was his next question.

This little chap is trying to corner me........

I have to give my answer a thought or two before answering him because this little guy will remember and hold me to my words....

He is smart and he is only barely 4 years old ......

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas

Just a short post to wish everyone here Merry Christmas. Christmas always bring back fond childhood memories of carolling practices, Christmas day's drama and cantata's rehearsals. Fond memories of riding in a bus together singing carols from house to house. It also brings back sweet memories of carolling from restaurants to restaurants when I was working at Genting Highlands. It's a season that always without fail bring a special unexplained warmth to my heart, goose pimples and sometimes a choke to my throat when I hear christmas carols that sound oh so familiar.

Well, Merry Christmas everyone and may the peace and love of the LORD fills your heart, mind and soul and His abundant blessings and goodness fills your household.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Goodbye Premier 18

Yupe. That is the room that we have spent the last couple of days at Damansara Specialist. The fever, rashes and tummy ache has finally gone. Dr Musa came in the morning and gave Ryan a clean bill of health and reminded us that he would still have to complete his entire course of antibiotics for the next 7 days.

Finally, he was given the green light to be discharged and boy, were we glad. Finally, we are going home after spending 5 days 4 nights here. In order to overcome our boredom, especially when Ryan was getting better, we treated our stay as a family retreat.

By the third day, when Ryan was getting better, he got so bored that we got to think of things to occupy him. He got additional toy guns (something that he chose from the convenience shop in the hospital) and he got his early Christmas iPad2. The downloaded apps were able to keep him occupied for most part allowing both of us to take a break and rest.

The ordeal is finally over and we are now back home. Ryan is his usual active self and he was sleeping like a log this afternoon when he came back. Somehow, he felt so much more comfortable and secure sleeping in his own room again. And for now, he is drinking water when asked and eating his food and asking for more, which is unheard of before. We just hope that this ordeal has taught him a lesson as well.

Once again, our sincere thanks to all those who have visited us, call us supported and remembered us in your prayers. We truly appreciate it very much.

Signing off now for a good night rest ...on my own bed and my pillow ...zzzzzzzz

Monday, December 12, 2011

Now is Streptococcus what???

Fever persisted for the second day. Ryan has got used to taking the medication through the IV needles in his hand but stuffing the Volteron into his butt was still a battle every time.

I've some time to do some research on kawasaki disease and found out more about it.. Apparently, this disease is most common among Japanese and Koreans (hence the name) and affects children between the age of 1 to 5 years old. They have yet to discover the cause nor vaccination for it. There are some common telltale signs like persistent high fever exceeding 39 degrees, rashes, swollen hands and feet, lymph nodes, strawberry tongue (all of which Ryan had), red eyes, skin peeling off hands and genitals and ultimately swollen heart arteries.. If left untreated, it could be fatal or if treated too late, could lead to unrecovarable damages to the heart..

That was the reason that a heart specialist has to perform an echo test on his heart to check if there are any abnormalities. On the second day, the rashes has not subsided, the tummy ache persisted with very smelly loose white stools.

The heart specialist finally came on the second day afternoon. The sight of the big machine scare the hell out of him and he was screaming and yelling away as we forced him down on the bed to do the echo Test. Because he was crying so much and so loud the test took extra long. There was nothing we could do to calm him to a point where both Cat and I have to walk away so that the nurses, doctor and a good friend who happened to be around could try calming him down. He was so scared that he even asked to doctor to hold him! Poor boy. It was such a heart wrenching experience.

The test was negative which was a good sign. But then what is the problem now if it is not Kawasaki.

The doctor took a look at his blood test and got a shock. Apparently, there was an index to test bacteria infection, was 3 times higher than normal. It showed 630 when the normal reading would have been 150. He said that in his 20 years career, he has not seen anything higher than 400! We were getting worried but he assured us that there is nothing to worry about. He would consult with Dato Dr Musa on the next course of action.

Later that evening, Dr Musa came and said that although they are not discounting Kawasaki yet, they are looking into any possibility of blood infection. They found high concentration of Streptococcus bacteria in his blood.

Streptococcus what????

Apparently this bacteria known as Group A Streptococcus (GAS) would normally affect the throat and skin and would normally cause mild illness such as strep throat or impetigo. However, under severe situation where the bacteria would find their way into places where they are normally not found like blood, lung and muscle where they could do serious damage and even life threatening. This is known as invasive GAS disease. It can so severe that it could destroy muscle tissues, hence also known as ''flesh eating bacteria'.

These bacteria are spread through direct contact with mucus from the nose or throat of persons who are infected or through contact with infected wounds or sores on the skin. Ill persons, such as those who have strep throat or skin infections, are most likely to spread the infection. Persons who carry the bacteria but have no symptoms are much less contagious. Treating an infected person with an antibiotic for 24 hours or longer generally eliminates their ability to spread the bacteria. However, it is important to complete the entire course of antibiotics as prescribed. It is not likely that household items like plates, cups, or toys spread these bacteria.

Ryan is unfortunate to have contracted this in his blood.

I' m writing this in the hospital now on the fourth day. He has responded well to the antibiotic and fever has finally broke. The rashes has mostly disappeared and his tummy ache gone. He is back to his jumping hyper active self which is beginning to drive us up the wall! hahaha. He will still have his medication and they are still monitoring his progress. If everything goes well, we should be going home tomorrow.

For those who have supported us in your prayers and all your well wishes, we thank you. Will keep you updated on his progress.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Kawasaki what ????

What started out as a supposedly exciting weekend last week turned out to be a nightmarish week for everyone. I wanted to take Ryan for another cinema experience last week. So we went to 1 Utama on Saturday hoping to catch Puss in the Boots but unfortunately all the tickets were sold. Hence we bought tickets for Sunday instead. The next morning, we got to 1Utama early to ensure that we get a car park, had our brunch and went for our 3D Puss in the Boots. The movie was good and Ryan enjoyed it. Went home and got him to take his nap before he goes for his music class. When he woke up, we found some red rashes on his hand and he complained that it was itchy. I applied some ointment and told our maid to change the bed sheet.

He was fine during the music class and was having so much fun that evening because his favourite uncle and family came visiting that night. However, by 10pm we noticed that he has red rashes all over his body! Took his temperature but there was no fever. We suspected that he could have developed some form of skin allergy and told him to take a bath to relief the itch.

At around 2pm, he was feeling restless in his sleep and complained about the itchiness. His body was warm and was having a fever of about 38.3. We gave his first round of paracetamol. The fever went down. By the time he got up at 8am, the fever has returned and was even higher. Getting worried and suspecting that he could caught something, we brought him to see his normal paed. He gave him some medication to control the itchiness and some paracetamol.

The fever refused to go away the following two days, the rashes got worse and he was now complaining about his stomach ache. In fever touched 39.4 at one stage that we have to sponged him and insert Volteron into his anus. On Wed, we brought him back to the paed who immediately did a blood test for dengue. The result was negative and the verdict was viral infection where the fever would need a couple of days to break. We brought him home, hoping that the fever, rashes and tummy ache would go away. The nights were spent checking his fever, monitoring his medication and soothing his itchiness.

By friday morning, his fever went back to 39.1. It's the fifth day now. We decided to sent him in to see his another paed Dato Dr Musa at Damansara Specialist. It's was a long wait since we have no prior appointment. Ryan's hands and legs seemed to be slightly swollen by now.

'It could be Kawasaki disease' Dr Musa said. 'We better get him admitted immediately to run further test.' he continued.

KAWASAKI what ????

Anyway no time to seek clarification. We got him admitted immediately on Friday. Needles were poked into his hand to extract blood for test while medication were pumped in to treat the possibility of blood infection. The poor boy was screaming and yelling in pain and fear. It truly breaks our heart watching him suffers the way he did.

The waiting process for the test results starts .......

By 11pm the results came back that there is definitely high concentrated bacterial in the blood but they are not discounting Kawasaki yet because he has displayed some of the symptoms of kawasaki. Another heart specialist would have to do an echo test on his heart the following day. Meanwhile, the high fever, itchiness, red rashes, tummy ache and sleepless night continued ......

Saturday, November 12, 2011


OK...This is it..the only one day this century where you get all the `1's in the same row. Many are tying the knot today. Some have planned it for ages while some are rushing to meet the dateline because it is naturally the `coolest' thing to do..Well, I certainly hope that these couples know what they are getting themselves into and not just being cool among their peers that they got married on 11.11.11. It would not be so cool if the divorce paper is signed on the 12.12.12 once they start to realize that it was all a big mistake getting married and yes for life when you are actually not ready for such a big commitment.

They are also those who happily welcomed the arrival of their newborns or probably some who choose to shift into a new home. Congratulations.

Well. I'm already married, so no more chance to be cool on that. Chenya already arrived 4 months earlier and hence no chance to have a 11.11.11 baby. (eemmm...why didn't I think of that when we were planning our production schedule...) No more money to buy house as I have to be contented with our current comfortable nest that we called home.

So, anything special today for me?

Since this is the one in a lifetime event, I thought I would probably pen down how I spent it so that I could always revisit this page a decade or two down the road.

Woke up exceptionally early and so did Ryan! He has been making a big fuss on not wanting to go to school for the last one week. For some reason, he slept very early the night before even without watching his favourite `Little Einstein'. He was in a jovial mode which was good.

My MPV has been scratched by some idiot who seemed to have problem reversing his/her car last week and has been sent into the workshop. I had some appointments today and hence I need the use of a car. Hence, I have to sent my wife to take the LRT to work so that I could use her car later.

Ahhhh...this is special. Ryan followed me for the first time to drive mommy to take the LRT . It was rather memorable. After dropping mommy, I drove him home to get him ready to go to school. It was pouring dogs and cats by the time we left the house for his school. It must have been the alignment of the numbers because he was absolutely excited to go to school today. The teacher took him from the car and he was happily waving goodbye.

That is followed with my leisurely taken breakfast with my cup of coffee and morning papers at my favourite coffee shop before I went into office. Replied a couple of emails and off I went to drop off a tenancy agreement and cheque to my client at Taman Tun. Had an espresso at Secret Recipe after that before heading back to the office. On the way, I was informed that my MPV is ready for collection. Made a turn to Ampang. Picked up my mechanic and he drove me (in my wife's car since I need him to test drive it to iron out some issues) to Batu Caves where my car was. It was pouring and we had a rather interesting conversation about holidays especially now that we have children tagging along.

The repair job looks good and I was slapped with a RM1200 bill! Emmm...should have told them to discount to make it RM1111 instead....auspicious ma.....

Drove my MPV home while my mechanic drove my wife's car back to the workshop for servicing. Finally had my lunch back near the office at 4:30pm. By 5:30pm, wife called and she was already on the LRT on the way home. Rushed to the LRT station to pick her up and proceed from there to pick up Ryan from his daycare cum school. He was super happy of course to see both of us picking him up. Drop him at home to have his milk and his TV while we went to have an early dinner at Restaurant Ta Ta Di (our regular makan joint).

By 9pm, we were trying to get Ryan to bed since he has to get up very early on Saturday for his concert. And yes, before sleeping, got him to try out his costume and get all my videocam and camera fully charged for tomorrow. In the process of getting Ryan to sleep, both of us also dozed off with Chenya already happily in La La Land....

Well. That is what 11.11.11 was for me...

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Oldest Special Woman in my Life

The oldest special woman in my life now is 95 year old! She felt in love with me the moment she laid eyes on me. For years in my youth, I slept near her bosom, listening to her heartbeat. She has seen every part of me, knows my very best and have seen my very worst. She is my grandmother....

I was staying with my grandmother when I was studying in standard one till six. My parents and my younger sister were all staying at Port Klang. They left me with my grandparents back in Kampar since I had just started schooling and they thought it would be best if I did not follow. I had the most memorable and enjoyable 6 years of my childhood life there...

Recently, we heard that she had a fall and was unwell. We rushed back to Kampar to see how she was. Thank God that she has recovered well...well enough to listen to Ryan singing to her his `Twinkle Twinkle little star." while she reciprocate with one of her favorite old timer cantonese number.... She looks radiant at the age of 95 and visiting her and looking at her, reminded me of the years I spent with her and how much she and grandpa loved and adored me ...

I like to draw and I remembered that it was my grandma who gave me my first box of water color. It was one of those ancient one with hardened color paste where you have to wet it with water before you could paint. I remembered having so much fun that night.

My grandma is a very creative person. I like to draw and I remembered drawing Ultraman after Ultraman fighting monsters of my own creation. And I remembered bringing my drawing every 5 minutes to her for her comments before I will proceed, and her comments were always "good","Beautiful" or "more colour"...

I remembered how she teaching me how to make roses, water lilies or cherry blossoms from color papers. To this day, I can still vividly remembered how to a few pieces of color paper into a stalk of rose..She even taught me how to make gold fish out of eggshells.

I remembered how she used to stay up till the early hours in the morning, peeling onions and garlic or dried anchovies for her dishes and man..some of her dishes are so yummylicious....My mouth waters just thinking of her tender pork ribs steamed with soy bean paste or her steamed egg ....

Of course the memory that will remain deepest in my heart and soul was when I was bitten by a dog on Labours Day when I was in Standard Five. It was a holiday and I went butterfly catching with my best friend. We happened to wander into the compound of a house where the guard dog was chained to the ground. I can still remembered how fierce the dog was and he was pulling so hard that the chain broke. I remembered running and falling and the next thing I knew was a very bloody ankle. I limped home and told my grandma. She panicked (I think or I'm sure). I could not walk anymore till the pain. She wrapped up my wound and carry me on her back and walked to the clinic located over 30 minutes away! I remembered passing out due to the loss of blood and pain.

The wound was badly treated by the first doctor and got infected. For the next one month, I could not walk and she has to take me to another doctor daily to get the wound cleaned and dressed. I remembered being carried down from the bed every morning, carried to the bathroom every time I want to wee wee and carried back to the bed in the evening.

I had to write this down less my fading memory fails me. I want to be reminded again and again of what this great woman has done for me and I want my children to know a little bit more of their great grandmother.

I am so glad that Ryan takes an immediate liking to her. It was such a tender moment, watching him stroking her fragile hands, and reminding her great grandmother to drink more water. It was even lovelier to hear him sing for her ...

I am truly thankful for this woman that GOD has sent into my life ....

Friday, November 4, 2011

Bali - Tanah Lot Temple and Mengwi Temple

September 2011 (Backdated post)

We were contemplating whether we would want to go out from Club Med since Club Med has so many activities to occupy us and Ryan really wanted to spend all his time in the pool. However, it would be quite a pity if we don't venture out at all and have a look at what Bali has to offer. Moreover, I was checking the web before leaving for Bali and there were some very nice places to take pictures.

So, we approached the activities center and got them to recommend us a half day tour to someplace nice. Since it was only for half a day, they recommended us to visit the Tanah Lot Temple and the Mengwi Temple. I have seen some very very nice pictures of the Tanah Lot Temple in the internet and I was pretty excited to see it for myself....

We left at 8:30a.m after a hearty breakfast. There were another 3 couples in the same coach so the tour was rather private, just like we prefer. We really dislike travelling with huge tour groups because there is very little attention and you always ended up having to wait for someone at every stop ....

Travelling from Club Med Bali to Tanah Lot Temple takes approximately 1.5 hours going through the morning hour rush. Traffic in Bali can be horrendous...and there seemed to be only one traffic rule there....which is ...THERE IS NO RULE!

Tanah Lot Temple (temple in the sea) is one of the place to take good evening sunset pictures. We were advised against it because there would be a larger crowd and there is also the likelihood of rain.

I must say that the place does not disappoint for good photography. I just wished I had more time and probably a chance to catch a really cool sunset ...maybe my next trip ....

Ryan showing off his kung fu within the temple grounds of Mengwi Temple.....

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Club Med Bali - Daddy and Me!

September 2011 (Backdated post)

One of the most unforgettable experience in Club Med Bali is the things I got to do with Ryan for the very first time. It's that special bonding that I will cherish forever and I definitely want to put it on record here lest I forget or for Ryan to read when he grows up (in case I don't get to tell him).

I will let the pictures do the talking here.....

Here we were...father and son, catching crabs by the beach .....
The first sunrise that we watched together as a family ....awesome experience ...

Being a golfer, it has always been my dream that I would be able to have a round with Ryan and here we were in Bali, having two rounds of golf together and the memory ...priceless...!

Ryan wanted to be like Avatar ....

Having fun in the pool ....

The Kung Fu master and his young apprentice in front of the Mengwi Temple ...

A very exhausted daddy and his very happy son after a visit to the famous Tanah Lot Temple ...

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Club Med Bali - A Cool Deal!

September 2011 (Backdated post) - Continuation

(Club Med Bali Poolside bar during sunset)

With the MATA fair promotion earlier this year, we managed to secure a pretty cool deal from Club Med. Buy One and FREE ONE! Pretty cool huh? And children got to stay, eat and play for free. Suits Ryan just fine.

I have never been to Bali before and the last trip my wife made to Bali was decades ago. This is also my first trip to a Club Med and I have heard raving reviews of how fun staying at Club Med can be.

I must said that I was not every impressed upon touching down at the airport and got a pretty nasty experience taking a taxi from the airport to Club Med. I made doubly sure that I purchased the taxi coupons from proper counters set up within the airport. Friends were telling us that it was pretty easy to get a taxi there and is much cheaper than ordering one from the hotel. (Honestly, I prefer to have one from the hotel waiting to pick me up when I arrived especially if I'm travelling to countries in Asia than trying to arrange one when I arrived). Anyway, after agreeing on the price and since currencies in Indonesia runs into hundreds of thousands and millions (which take some adjustment to..hey..I'm not used to be a millionaire ok), I paid him in big notes (mistake that I made when I change my Ringgit at KLIA for not asking for smaller notes). The taxi counter conveniently `forgot' to give me back my change. Although after conversion, it is still a relatively small amount , RM2 or thereabout, the impression is that the locals are out to swindle tourist like us in whichever way they can....

OK. I can live with Rm2 poorer. One guy from the taxi counter guided us to the taxi which was parked at the airport parking lot. Upon loading all the bags, he expressly now asked for a tip. My wife and I were like..."Huh? Tip again? for what?" Realizing that we were reluctant, his face somewhat changed from the `smiling..hello tourist' look to 'hei..I don't work for free' look....

We looked into our wallets and realised the smallest Indonesian currency we had were 100,000 rupiahs! I have a couple of USD in my wallet and ended up giving him USD5. Expensive tip!!!

Trip to the hotel was uneventful and honestly, I am still smarting from having to pay such an expensive tip.

Club Med is definitely a welcoming sight.

The rooms ....

The poolside and the poolside bar ....heavenly ...

View of the poolside bar from the beachfront ...
The mini golf course....6 par 3 holes ...

The beach ....

Sunrise at Club Med Bali beachfront

Did I like Club Med? Of course. I enjoyed the good selection for food available for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I enjoyed that I got to order any drinks that I want. I had countless glasses of Bali draught beer, wine both and red. I enjoyed the games, the activities and the nightly entertainment put up by the resort staff themselves. (They are indeed a talented lot). I enjoyed the sight of many beautiful bodies and pretty faces..ahem....

But above all, I enjoyed the company of my wife and Ryan as we got to do things that we have not done before...(more of that in my next post)..

The only sore point that I had with this resort is that the GO (Guest Officers) were paying too much attention to guests of their own countries. There were many Koreans, Chinese nationals from China, Japanese and Aussies...but unfortunately, throughout our entire stay, I guessed we were the only Malaysian and we have only met one Malaysian GO lady from Penang. So, we were kinda of left out and were pretty left unattended to ..though we managed to meet and got to know three rather cute and hot GOs from Korea, Japan and Bali herself...(all thanks to Ryan who has the tendency to attract pretty gals without much of a problem with his cheeky smile and bold moves in approaching them...I guess Daddy would have to learn a trick or two from him soon...)

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Halloween Trick and Treating ...

28 Oct 2011

Our neighborhood has been organizing Halloween trick and treating walk among the residents in our neighborhood for the last couple of years. Ryan has participated since he was one. But this year was different. He went in full costumer BATMAN!

The last two years, I have been having a torrid time trying to take some decent pictures but this year is much better since I got myself a Nikon Flashgun which allows me to take some rather decent pictures.

The event looked doom in the beginning. The skies were gloomy by evening and the skies opened up and poured by 6pm. We were all keeping our finger crossed because we would have to postpone the event to tomorrow night if the rain does not stop by 9pm and there is no guarantee that the weather tomorrow night would hold either.

The heaven was smiling at us. By 7:30pm, the rain stopped and by 8pm, despite the ground being wet, the participating families and children gathered at the playground. And then off we went from house to house, collecting sweets, cookies, chocolates, packet drinks, stickers etc....

The children were having so much fun and the parents were all tired walking, directing traffic, running after their children or carrying those who got a little too tired after a few streets...but having fun nevertheless....

Ryan all tired and thirsty by the end of the event....and so were we!

Credit must be given to the Residents Association and the person in charge who took pain to organize this event year after year.....

Friday, October 28, 2011

Club Med Bali - Ryan's first oversea's holiday

September 2011 (Backdated post)

We have always wanted to bring Ryan to sit in an aeroplane. We have tried a shorter distance trip last year when we took Air Asia to Langkawi. This year, when Club Med came out with a promotion of `Buy One Free One' offer, we grabbed it. We were contemplating between Bali or Phuket. In the end, I opted for Bali since I have never been there myself.

The offer, I must say, is well worth the money, considering that it is an `all inclusive package' and we paid minimal for Ryan since he is still below 4. We also got our travel agency to get us some pretty good deals from MAS. No more Air Asia when we travel as a family. The last time, we took Air Asia, not only was the flight delayed but the plane was parked right at the end of the terminal and we had to walked 25 minutes between reaching the terminal...and it was raining at 11pm!!!

As usual he was all excited about the trip and honestly, so were we! Actually, to be honest, I must confess that we wanted the holiday more and Ryan was just an excuse for us to `dump' baby Chenya with my mother in-law in order for us to travel...hehehehe (cruel leh!)

We went to airport early and after checking in, proceeded to the Premium Lounge. It is supposed to be a lounge with premium service and exclusive (catering for those frequent flyers or platinum credit card holders of certain banks). This is our first time trying it out and our expectation were high .....which turned out to be rather disappointing to say the least.

If it is that exclusive, I would expect the front desk people to be friendly or at least smile and make the guests feel welcomed. Nope! The food was nothing really fantastic to shout about. One toilet was closed for maintenance while the remaining one was so wet and dirty, definitely not befitting to be called THE PREMIUM LOUNGE.

We grab a quick bite, relax a little before we board for our flight to Bali. Ryan was all excited to be on the plane again. He was even served his kiddie on board meal. All the excitement finally wore him down. He was sound asleep till we reached our destination.
Waiting for boarding....

Fooling around with mommy on the plane...
Having his in flight kiddie meal....

Totally exhausted after all the excitement ...sleeping soundly throughout ....

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Cameron Highlands Strawberry Picking

September 2011 (Continuation) - Backdated post

And finally, no Cameron Highlands holiday is complete without picking fresh strawberries. So, on the last morning before we checked out, we promised Ryan that we will bring him to pick some strawberries ...and the nearest strawberry farm that we can find is just outside Equatorial Hotel.

We paid Rm20 to pick 0.5kg of strawberries and we would have to pay for the extras if we picked more.

It was rather ordinary for me but super exciting for Ryan and that is what the trip is all about. Would I pay another Rm20 again to pick strawberries? For me...NO but if Ryan wants, YES of course....I guess that is what every parent would do anyway ..right??

Teaching Ryan how to pick strawberries properly....
Ryan enjoying his ice cream with fresh strawberries

Next ....our trip to Bali Club Med....
More Pictures on Jeju Island Coming up NEXT!