Saturday, November 12, 2011


OK...This is it..the only one day this century where you get all the `1's in the same row. Many are tying the knot today. Some have planned it for ages while some are rushing to meet the dateline because it is naturally the `coolest' thing to do..Well, I certainly hope that these couples know what they are getting themselves into and not just being cool among their peers that they got married on 11.11.11. It would not be so cool if the divorce paper is signed on the 12.12.12 once they start to realize that it was all a big mistake getting married and yes for life when you are actually not ready for such a big commitment.

They are also those who happily welcomed the arrival of their newborns or probably some who choose to shift into a new home. Congratulations.

Well. I'm already married, so no more chance to be cool on that. Chenya already arrived 4 months earlier and hence no chance to have a 11.11.11 baby. (eemmm...why didn't I think of that when we were planning our production schedule...) No more money to buy house as I have to be contented with our current comfortable nest that we called home.

So, anything special today for me?

Since this is the one in a lifetime event, I thought I would probably pen down how I spent it so that I could always revisit this page a decade or two down the road.

Woke up exceptionally early and so did Ryan! He has been making a big fuss on not wanting to go to school for the last one week. For some reason, he slept very early the night before even without watching his favourite `Little Einstein'. He was in a jovial mode which was good.

My MPV has been scratched by some idiot who seemed to have problem reversing his/her car last week and has been sent into the workshop. I had some appointments today and hence I need the use of a car. Hence, I have to sent my wife to take the LRT to work so that I could use her car later.

Ahhhh...this is special. Ryan followed me for the first time to drive mommy to take the LRT . It was rather memorable. After dropping mommy, I drove him home to get him ready to go to school. It was pouring dogs and cats by the time we left the house for his school. It must have been the alignment of the numbers because he was absolutely excited to go to school today. The teacher took him from the car and he was happily waving goodbye.

That is followed with my leisurely taken breakfast with my cup of coffee and morning papers at my favourite coffee shop before I went into office. Replied a couple of emails and off I went to drop off a tenancy agreement and cheque to my client at Taman Tun. Had an espresso at Secret Recipe after that before heading back to the office. On the way, I was informed that my MPV is ready for collection. Made a turn to Ampang. Picked up my mechanic and he drove me (in my wife's car since I need him to test drive it to iron out some issues) to Batu Caves where my car was. It was pouring and we had a rather interesting conversation about holidays especially now that we have children tagging along.

The repair job looks good and I was slapped with a RM1200 bill! Emmm...should have told them to discount to make it RM1111 instead....auspicious ma.....

Drove my MPV home while my mechanic drove my wife's car back to the workshop for servicing. Finally had my lunch back near the office at 4:30pm. By 5:30pm, wife called and she was already on the LRT on the way home. Rushed to the LRT station to pick her up and proceed from there to pick up Ryan from his daycare cum school. He was super happy of course to see both of us picking him up. Drop him at home to have his milk and his TV while we went to have an early dinner at Restaurant Ta Ta Di (our regular makan joint).

By 9pm, we were trying to get Ryan to bed since he has to get up very early on Saturday for his concert. And yes, before sleeping, got him to try out his costume and get all my videocam and camera fully charged for tomorrow. In the process of getting Ryan to sleep, both of us also dozed off with Chenya already happily in La La Land....

Well. That is what 11.11.11 was for me...


Baby darren said... sound so easy for you and your wife on this special day, despite having 2 kids. Jealous..jealous...

CathJ said...

I cant believe i didnt notice the date that time... I just wondering why my neighbour getting married on odd day... Friday, when i look at the date..accidenttaly actually..hihi... Then i realized the 11.11.11 and on 11.11am.. Cun cun! Hihihi..

Alice said...

agreed with you, lots of couples been crazy about this date, sounds to me like a show-off thing. anyway, it's just has to take in lots of factors beside having a nice combination and before rushing into marriage *give me five*

Merryn said...

for me it's just another ordinary day.. jalan jalan with the family :)

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