Sunday, December 11, 2011

Kawasaki what ????

What started out as a supposedly exciting weekend last week turned out to be a nightmarish week for everyone. I wanted to take Ryan for another cinema experience last week. So we went to 1 Utama on Saturday hoping to catch Puss in the Boots but unfortunately all the tickets were sold. Hence we bought tickets for Sunday instead. The next morning, we got to 1Utama early to ensure that we get a car park, had our brunch and went for our 3D Puss in the Boots. The movie was good and Ryan enjoyed it. Went home and got him to take his nap before he goes for his music class. When he woke up, we found some red rashes on his hand and he complained that it was itchy. I applied some ointment and told our maid to change the bed sheet.

He was fine during the music class and was having so much fun that evening because his favourite uncle and family came visiting that night. However, by 10pm we noticed that he has red rashes all over his body! Took his temperature but there was no fever. We suspected that he could have developed some form of skin allergy and told him to take a bath to relief the itch.

At around 2pm, he was feeling restless in his sleep and complained about the itchiness. His body was warm and was having a fever of about 38.3. We gave his first round of paracetamol. The fever went down. By the time he got up at 8am, the fever has returned and was even higher. Getting worried and suspecting that he could caught something, we brought him to see his normal paed. He gave him some medication to control the itchiness and some paracetamol.

The fever refused to go away the following two days, the rashes got worse and he was now complaining about his stomach ache. In fever touched 39.4 at one stage that we have to sponged him and insert Volteron into his anus. On Wed, we brought him back to the paed who immediately did a blood test for dengue. The result was negative and the verdict was viral infection where the fever would need a couple of days to break. We brought him home, hoping that the fever, rashes and tummy ache would go away. The nights were spent checking his fever, monitoring his medication and soothing his itchiness.

By friday morning, his fever went back to 39.1. It's the fifth day now. We decided to sent him in to see his another paed Dato Dr Musa at Damansara Specialist. It's was a long wait since we have no prior appointment. Ryan's hands and legs seemed to be slightly swollen by now.

'It could be Kawasaki disease' Dr Musa said. 'We better get him admitted immediately to run further test.' he continued.

KAWASAKI what ????

Anyway no time to seek clarification. We got him admitted immediately on Friday. Needles were poked into his hand to extract blood for test while medication were pumped in to treat the possibility of blood infection. The poor boy was screaming and yelling in pain and fear. It truly breaks our heart watching him suffers the way he did.

The waiting process for the test results starts .......

By 11pm the results came back that there is definitely high concentrated bacterial in the blood but they are not discounting Kawasaki yet because he has displayed some of the symptoms of kawasaki. Another heart specialist would have to do an echo test on his heart the following day. Meanwhile, the high fever, itchiness, red rashes, tummy ache and sleepless night continued ......


reanaclaire said...

He must have caught the virus in the cinema then.. poor boy.. yes, hospitals normally have to take blood to check .. but Echo test too on the heart? Anyway, hope everything is alright with Ryan.. pray and God bless..

Cynthia said...

oh poor boy.. hope he get well soon..

eugene said...

Like what you told me last night, I am sure the Kawasaki will be zooming away like mercedes by Tuesday ,, take care bro, I know it must have been very tiring for both you and Cat,, take care ya

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