Thursday, December 29, 2011

VIP my foot!

We have to bring Chenya to the Damansara Specialist Centre yesterday morning for her pneumococcal and rotavirus vaccination. We went as early as we possibly can to avoid the morning traffic jam and arrived there at 10am. We registered and our number was 20 and the counter showed 10! We braised ourselves for a relatively long wait. Seeing Dr Musa is always tough but worth it because he is good with the kids. We went for our breakfast at the cafeteria. When we came back an hour later, the number has just moved to 12 and the doctor was not in his clinic anymore! We were informed that he was out attending to some VIP who had came in. He was finally back 30 minutes later and he was busy catching up with all the patients who have been waiting since 10am. I really pity him and his staff as they were working through lunch hour. Chenya finally had her vacinations at 1:30pm. We were there for 3.5 hours for a 15 min appointment just because there was this apparent VIP who took up over an hour!

My question is why do VIP gets special treatment? Who was this VIP? Why are they considered as VIP? Are they considered as VIP just because they are ministers who carry a title? Are they some rich tycoons who have billions in their bank account that I don't have?

I can understand that head of states are given right of passage on our roads for security reasons but when it comes to seeking treatment in the hospital especially here when we are talking of a paed services, does it meant that a VIP's child's life is more valuable and important than a non VIP like myself?

If they are VIP because they hold a government ministerial position, then let's us not forget that they are there because we voted them there and hence shouldn't we be considered more important than them? Shouldn't they be made to make appointments and be made to wait just like everybody else?

If they are tycoons and billionaires and hence they are given VIP treatment, is it because they are paying a premium rate for the services of the hospital that we, a commoner could not afford? Knowing my country, I sincerely doubt so.

So, back to my unanswered question..... Who are VIPs and why should they be given preferential treatment?

For now, I just glad that the waiting episode was over but her next appointment is one month down the road. Just hope that some bloody VIP's children don't choose to be sick on the same day.


MeRy said...

who is that VIP>..?

Daddy said...

No idea..

Health Freak Mommy said...

When people are rich, have titles and power, they will always be served first, even though they don't make appointment. That's the norm here and I'm sure it is in many countries. What to do, sigh.... but I believe in karma - what comes around goes around. Happy New Year!

Leona said...

Your title of your post says it all!!!
3.5 hrs just to see a private doc is totally ridiculous! Some more waiting with an infant!

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