Monday, January 3, 2011

Cravings for Potatoes

As I was saying in one of my earlier post, wifey's cravings has been going crazy this pregnancy. Her appetite and nausea before and after food is so bad this round that she has the phobia of eating. She feels horrible when she is hungry but after eating, she gets her nausea and heartburn. :( It's definitely no joke being pregnant with all the changing hormones creating such havoc.

Last night, she suddenly had a craving for potatoes. We have initially wanted to boil ABC soup but it was a little too late to buy all the ingredients. Managed to get some potatoes though. So, instead of ABC soup, we did a mash potato with butter mixed with corn beef (one of her favourite), served in roasted potato skip with a touch of olive oil.

End result was pretty satisfying. She loves it (and finished the entire potato which was a great relief to me) and surprising, Ryan liked it as well. It must have been the fried corn beef.

Emmm...I wonder what her next cravings would be. I sure hope that it is not going to be abalone or shark fin soup but something much simpler and definitely cheaper like ABC soup!


Alice Law said...

Wow, I thought that was from restaurant... you made it yourself?! Than you must be a very talented chef!!!

LOL, as usual... money matter is something guys normally have in mind!;D Keep well and have a nice day!

p/s: I must try your recipe too since the little one likes it!

Daddy said...

Hi Alice. Thansk for the nice comments. Not talented but just an interest to experiment with food (something I picked up after the arrival Ryan).

cheeyee said...

Hope not too late to say Happy New Year to you and your family! And congratulations on the 2nd one! Both my pregnancy I did not crave for any food. I think my husband should feel glad about it. Hehe.

Daddy said...

Hi Cheeyee..Thanks for the wishes. Happy new year to you keep in touch ya ....

Baby Darren said... are really a good and dedicated hubby...your wife is so lucky to have you. Luckily both my pregnancies did not have much cravings, don't think my hubby will go through all these to get my needs meet.

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