Thursday, January 6, 2011

2011 Count Down

Where to count down with a good view of the fireworks for Ryan? Last year, we had our count down at the Sunway Resort Lobby Lounge where we could get a rather good view of the fireworks except that we have to `fight' with everybody else for a good place near the window to watch it properly. So we called up Sunway again for their New Year eve count down specials. Besides the similar package available for the Lobby Lounge at RM80++ that comes with a free drink, their West Lake Chinese Restaurant package was pretty attractive too.

They served international buffet for that night with free flow of drinks (depending on whether you take the free flow juices or free flow house pouring eg wine, beer) with a DJ and a live band as well. To ensure that we get a table next to a window where we do not have to `fight' for a good view, we booked a table next the window where Ryan could view the fireworks comfortably while I could take some pictures when the count down begins.

The theme for the night was Chicago/Shanghai in the sixties and red and gold seemed to be the theme colours for the night.

Enjoying ourselves on the dance floor and Ryan enjoying his food.

Ryan enjoying his party pack and dancing away.

5 ....4....3....2....1.....HAPPY NEW YEAR!! and let the fireworks begin

It's another memorable count down for us and more so, because we did it as a family looking forward to a better 2011 knowing that we would have another additional family member joining us when we have our count down for 2012.


Leona said...

I am really excited for u, Ryan and wife too! :)

Alice Law said...

Wow, beautiful fireworks, we missed this during the New Year( my kids sleep pretty early)!>_<

Winnie said...

i'm part of your family too :) next year bring me along ya teehee...

More Pictures on Jeju Island Coming up NEXT!