Thursday, January 27, 2011

"Stan Notty Coner N Cly!!!"

That's exactly what I got from my little rascal the other day.

And this is the exact words that we used to reprimand him when he is extremely naughty. We have decided not to use the cane as much as possible and we have not start either. We found out that the most effective way to punish him is to `banish' him from our side, either make him to go upstairs with kakak or to make him stand at a designated corner of our house known to him as the `Naughty corner'.

We would scold him and told him to go to his naughty corner and stand there and cry all he wants and he is not allow to leave the naughty corner unless we ask for him or he starts to say sorry for being naughty.

So, the other day, I accidentally split on water on the table. This little cheeky fella saw and asked "Who make?"

And mommy pointed at me and said " Daddy made".

He immediately pointed his accusing finger at me and said "oooooooooorrrrrrr...."

Then with a stern and serious face, said, "Go....Stan Notty Coner and cly!"
followed by "no notty !!!!"
followed by "go upstairs !!!!"

We were stunned and at the same time amused. I got a shot of my very own medicine...hahahaha
So, had no choice but to say sorry to him and said 'Daddy no more notty' .....


Lily Riani said...

ahahhaha... cute and farnie. your kids pretty smart huh.

thanks for dropping by my blog.

sting said...

hehehe... same here! I'm also "not allowed" to touch certain things in the house coz "daddy said don't touch"! :-)

Vickylow said...

wahaha daddy get caught, kena leow.

cheeyee said...

Wahahahaha! Have to be fair hor. :)

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