Monday, April 25, 2011

His latest obsession ....

This is his latest obsession - the torchlight!

The torchlight, a courtesy from his grandmother who is here, staying a couple of days to take care of him while we travel to Singapore. With it, he is constantly going into unlit rooms, the kitchen, kakak's room or finding any excuse to go upstairs to play with it.

Well, at least he is NOT jumping, climbing the sofa or kicking. The only sad thing is poor Zoewe simply just can not find a quiet place to take a nap, as she will have the torchlight beam shining directly into her eyes wherenever she goes.

Took the above picture inside the toilet in perfect darkness and he enjoyed every minute of it ...

Are your children as obsessed with the torchlight as Ryan?

Sunday, April 24, 2011

His very first BURGER!

Date: 24th April 2011

Ryan had his FIRST burger from McDonald's today. This is not his first trip to McDonald's but what he had before was just the fries.

I had to work today and his mommy has promised to take him to McDonald's today. So, they went for their lunch. I heard he has a blast at the playground. When I arrived home, he happily took out his burger and showed me and was happily munching away.

Another simple yet memorable milestone for him.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Medicine Time

Ryan has been having a running nose and cough for over 2 weeks now. He has visited the doctor twice during this period and we have stopped him from going to his play school for three days now.

He is not really getting any better actually and he has very a dry cough especially in the middle of the night. Over the last two nights, he has vomited his milk and phlegm over the bed due to the severity of his cough.

During the last visit, the doctor has recommended an inhaler and separate medications, Flixotide (2 puffs once every morning) and Ventolin Evohaler (2 puffs every four hours or when he coughs badly). Hopefully, that would help clear his nose block and the phlegm. Besides the inhaler, he has to take at least three other types of medication. For most parents, I think, getting their young one to take this could be a nightmare...well, we had that problem for a while ....

Nowadays, Ryan simply loves his medicine. All we really need to do is to pass him the syringe with the medicine and he will gladly and eagerly pump the whole content into his mouth without any fuss....

Getting him to do the inhaler is not too difficult either with the condition that I would have to inhale from the inhaler too after he has finished...(well, a small price to pay to get him to get his proper medication).

So, does your child make a big fuss when it comes to medication time?

Picture taken tonight when Zoewe just came back from her grooming. I was experimenting with my Nikon SB700 flashgun and he gladly pose for me....(the same can't be said of Zoewe who was just too eager to get out from his grip).
More Pictures on Jeju Island Coming up NEXT!