Thursday, January 8, 2009

I succumbed to temptation

Before you start thinking of all kinds of sin that I might have committed, no, I did not succumb to temptations for a voluptuous busty lady with legs that goes on forever.

Sometimes getting Ryan to take his nap or to coax him to sleep at night could be quite a chore especially when he is already sleepy yet he wanted to continue to play, while you are dead tired. And as I have posted in one of my earlier post, he has also developed this distasteful habit of chewing the string of his bolster to sleep. Very yucky.

Well, I was trying to get Ryan to sleep the other night but he was adamant that it was still too early. After many minutes (or hours to me, especially when you have a long tiring day) and after his last feed, there were signs that he was dozing off yet I can sensed that he was fighting to stay awake. As I was carrying him in my arms, I grabbed his bolster and passed it to him. He grabbed and instantly, his mouth was trying to get hold of the bolster string (with his eyes half closed).

I actually find his habit distasteful and am afraid that he would get addicted to it. But at the spur of the moment, without a second thought, I pushed the string right into his mouth and he happily grabbed it and started chewing and sucking, contented and within minutes, he was in his dreamland.

Then it dawned on me, as I watched him sound asleep that I have succumbed to the temptation of promoting his distasteful habit. Instead of trying to get him to break the habit, I was only too glad that there is something that could get him to sleep as soon as possible and freed me to have some time of my own. But if you asked me whether I would do it again, the answer is most probably yes. What a bad daddy!!

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mommy to chumsy said... i guess you need to buy more bolster strings :D

Adrine said...

It's it me, I'll let him bite too.

I totally agree that sometimes when you're exhausted, you've got to "relax" your standards a bit. If not, life would be very stressful!

Merryn said...

hahahahahha... u needed to be spank! just kidding.. normal lah.. we all do dat sometimes.. just to get more time to ourselves.. just wash his bolster more often.. n yes.. get more strings. pillow strings i meant! ;P

Angeline said...

hmmm... its a matter of what was more important at that moment ya? *wink*

claire said...

hey..careful of the strands of string that comes off..haha..
last time my girl need to have a button to hold on to when she goes to sleep...she will play with any button shirt and doze off pretty fast that way...
hehe.. anyway, dont worry, the habit will go away once they reach a certain age..

Blessed mum said...

first, i have to tell you that you are a GREAT daddy..not many daddy will do what you did for Ryan.

on the bad habit, my boy used to suck his soft toy too when he was 6mths old, like you, i found it disgusting and took it away and replace it with water bottle for him to suckle. Now that he is older, I explained to him that he can't suckle on the water bottle anymore and he obediently co-operated.

Oliveoylz said...

I wouldn't say that it's a bad thing that he has found himself a comfort item. Easy for daddy and mommy and a happy boy, as a result. Why not? He'll break out of that habit when his ready ;p

Irene said...

hehe... anyting to make the kid sleep hur :)

Kristie said...

daddy, dont feel guilty... we all have our limits!

SASSY MOM said...

OMG! I remember my dad pushing my daughters thumb into her mouth when she was a baby. That started her thumb sucking habit. LOL!

Oh, well, she's a teenager now and she has passed that stage.

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