Sunday, July 26, 2009

My bed is crowded

It's 6:50 am and I've been up since 5:30 a.m. after giving Ryan his milk. My wife in US for her business meeting for a week now. She is currently on her way back, expected to reached Tokyo by 3 pm Malaysian time. We have successfully for many months now `kick' Ryan out from our master bed. He has also `graduated' from his playpen cum baby cot to his own super single mattress on the floor for one month. Our plans are to slowly get him accustomed to his mattress and then proceed to further `kick' him out from our room to his own room.

However, he has been sleeping on the master bed with me for the past one week since my wife left for US. I had to put him on the bed with me as he was ill with a fever, the day my wife left. I literally had no sleep for the first three nights, checking his fever every hour, feeding him his milk and his medicine. The poor guy's nose is so blocked that he has difficulties sleeping soundly.

Having a king size, one baby does not take up that much space. Unfortunately, when it starts to rain with thunder and lightning, my `daughter' Zoewe, the toy poodle would also insist that she too has to share the bed. She is absolutely terrified of thunder and lightning and will always without fail look for us to `protect' her when there is a thunderstorm. Needless to say, that is probably the only time that she will lay perfectly still by our side without moving a muscle.

Well, it is raining now with a few flashes of lightning and thunder. And guess what, Zoewe is also now on the bed, tucked neatly and comfortably (for her of course) just next to my pillow while Ryan is doing his `helicopter' stun . I have resorted to occupy just a small space, almost falling off bed, trying to balance my laptop on a pillow and trying very hard not to kick either one of them.

I am not complaining. Looking at the two of them, I can not help but to count my blessings, having a complete and happy family. But blessings or no blessings, Ryan will be out of the room in a couple of weeks and Zoewe, back to her own bed on the floor once the thunderstorm ceases. I need my bed back and I could do with some sleep.


Cynthia said...

haha.. I can understand that as my girl who share the bed with me, is taking 2/3 of the bed for her stunt, leaving me a pillow space!

MeRy said...

Sharing bed with our is the precious moments.

Yeapies said...

my daddy would say you are a "lucky man" cz he was the one whom got kicked to che-che's room to sleep. haha

cheeyee said...

Aww... hope you and Ryan get well soon and you can have a good rest.

suhar40 said...

haha.. kick bb out fr daddy&mommy's bed... We also in the progress of kicking out my daughter from our bed :)

reanaclaire said...

wow..i cannot imagine being u.. ryan and zoewe on the same bed with u.. being a dad is not easy right? esp when the mother is away..
btw, does zoewe sleep on a pillow too?

vickylow said...

haha your doggie also wanna share bed with your 2. If your wife coming back then the kig size bed must be out of space :)

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