Friday, April 30, 2010


When Ryan was down with virus infection a couple of weeks back, the doctor adviced us to get H1N1 vacination for Ryan once he gets better. So, over the weekend, we brought Ryan to get his H1N1 vacination done. Cost us RM100 but somehow we felt so much more relief, knowing that he has got the vacine. Moreover, with the new maid at home (who is giving us a different set of nightmare and headaaches), we planned to get Ryan back to a day care center next Monday. The objective is to get him to learn some discipline and socialising skills.

Can't wait to see how he would react going back to daycare since he stopped going when he was 5 months old. We sent him to a day care when he was 4 months old but because he was constantly sick after he attended the day care, we have stopped sending till now.

Wish us luck.


Rose said...

All the best. It is normal for young kids to catch sickness once in day care or school, as they exposed to other kids. Just increase the vitamin intake.

Mummy Gwen said...

I think he will be fine in daycare. Just give him some time. May I know where you took Ryan for the H1N1 vaccination? Is it safe? I wanna bring Gwen for the vaccination too. Have a nice weekend ya. :)

Daddy said...

Hi Mummy Gwen. Ryan took his H1N1 at Kelink Kanak Kanak Liew in USJ. Should be alright. Although some said that there could be side effects like fever, but we didn't see it with Ryan...We are planning to get our vacination as well as we would be travelling to US in July..

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