Tuesday, February 22, 2011

First BOAT Ride!

Date : 15th February 2011 (Birthday of Prophet Muhammad S.A.W.)

It was a public holiday. We have to sent my mother in law back to my brother in law's house in Cheras. And since we will be going that way, we thought that we go a little earlier and drop by the Mines Wonderland to give Ryan his very first BOAT ride.

We told him about it and he was obviously very excited. We left our house by 10am and were there by 11am. We stopped by the Uncle John Kopitiam located just next to the canal for our breakfast. We had a tough time getting him in check because he just could not contain his excitement seeing the water and the boats.

Once breakfast was over, we got ourselves tickets for tour the North Lake which is a longer tour taking approximately 50 minutes. I have taken the South Lake tour over a decade ago and honestly I wasn't impressed. Hence my expectation this round is minimal (if not any)....

We were the first to board the boat and hence got ourselves the front seats with the best view. As we waited for other passengers to board, Ryan was talking excitedly non stop. The moment the boatman came on board, he was telling the boatman that he is going for a boat ride! (over and over again).

The `water lift' was pretty interesting where the boat has to displace water in order to lower the boat from the canal within the shopping centre grounds to the actual lake. The moment the boat hits the lake, Ryan was ecstatic!!! There were only three other children on board but you could hear only one voice throughout the 50 minutes....HIS!!!

Mommy and Ryan with their 'Titanic' style pose!

Overall, it was a very pleasant experience and for Ryan, memorable and exciting. I guessed we have more fun watching him having fun than the boat ride itself ....but then again, that's the joy of every parent out there ......


cheeyee said...

50 minutes ride, that is quite long. I have not taken any boat ride there, although I've been to Mines Shopping Mall many times. Hahaha!

Alice Law said...

Interesting since my girl loves river cruise! How much did they charge per 50 mins ride?!

Mummy Moon said...

Good outing. I like the 'Titanic' style pose!

More Pictures on Jeju Island Coming up NEXT!