Thursday, March 24, 2011

I am Humbled!

I was totally humbled by my son the other day.

Over weekend, we went out in the morning. When we arrived home, Ryan was his usual active self, jumping, climbing and running all over the house.

As it was time for his milk, he told me he wanted his milk. We were downstairs and we had a tin of his milk powder stored in the kitchen.

Instead of wanting the maid to make it for him, he insisted that I make it for him. I am used to making his milk at night upstairs everyday but I have seldom make it for him during the day downstairs. Anyway, since he wanted me to make it, i went to the kitchen, opened the cabinet door and pull out a can of milk powder. I filled up his bottle with the right amount of hot and cold water and open the can of milk powder. As I looked the milk powder, I am already wondering why the milk powder looks different from the one I used every night.

And at the moment, this little rascal was shouting "NO! I don't want this ONE!"

"Go away! Go and Play first" I replied thinking that he was just being difficult and wanted more attention.

"NO! I don't want this ONE!" he insisted.

"Daddy said Go and wait!" I was getting impatient.

"NO. Not this ONE! THIS IS MOMMY'S ONE!" he shouted in reply.

OMG!. I took one look at the label and true enough, I have pull out the ENFAMAMA instead of his Pedisure. And the ENFAMAMA is my wife's milk powder. And I was about to make him a bottle of ENFAMAMA if he has not been so insistent that he DOES NOT WANT this bottle.

My wife has the BEST LAUGH! I was truly HUMBLED! I told him I was so sorry for shouting at him and thank him for correcting me, giving him a big big hug.

He of course, was on cloud nine, laughing cheekily for the next half an hour. My wife has not stop laughing since......


Merryn said...

daddy.. how can u feed ur anak enfamama? lol.. but ok.. u havent fed him yet.. so it's ok :P luckily ryan is a smart chap :)

Alice Law said...

Gosh... you almost overload your boy with micro nutrients leh, lol! Luckily he was alert enough to stop you!

cheeyee said...

LOL! Lucky he corrected you before you putting the milk powder into his bottle. :)

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