Friday, September 21, 2012

"No Way!"

Mommy came back from Beijing recently and the kids were totally excited to see her after so long. All her fears that Chenya will not recognised her or would want her anymore after not seeing her for over three weeks were unfounded when Chenya screamed in delight the moment she saw her mommy. Mommy of course was over the moon.
My mom came over for a visit and stayed for a week with us and an opportunity to do some bonding with her grandchildren especially the cheeky Chenya before we move to Beijing in October. One day, my mom, not being literate in English, asked us, what does "No way!" meant.

"Why?" I asked. She said that she heard Chenya uttered those words when fighting with her brother over toys. "Are you sure?" we asked her again in disbelief.

"I don't know" she replied. "But sounded like that. You know me. I don't know what they were talking in English." she continued.

When mommy came back from Beijing, she brought back with her gifts for both of them and as usual, they would fight over their toys. Somehow, children being children, always find toys belonging to others seemed to be more attractive than their own.

While Ryan was not looking, Chenya quietly grab hold of her brother's box of snake and ladder board game. The moment Ryan saw it, he got up and went after her sister. "No. Chenya! Kor Kor's one! Cannot Play!"

The moment she saw her brother coming, she turned around and ran.

"No Chenya!. Give me back!" Ryan went after her and was trying to grab the toy out of her hand...

"NO WAY!" she screamed back, pulled hard and with the toy firmly in her hands, she scurried to the kitchen with Ryan hot on her heels, screaming..."Daddy! Chenya took my toys!"

Both of us were too shocked and at the same time, utterly happy hearing what she said, to intervene in helping until Ryan shouted again..."Mommy! Chenya took my toy!"

"No Chenya....Give kor kor back his toy!" mommy went after her while Chenya was giggling cheekily in the kitchen, waving the toy in her hand as if to exhibit her victory in her `battle' with her brother.

She is definitely the fiercer one with a temper in the family and will probably soon be establishing her turf and boundaries and territories.


Andrew said...

She is so cute. All children have the same nature. We have 4 toy cars at home, but my boy always want to get the car that his cousin brother is playing.

Winnie Ng said...

hahaha Chenya is so cute...

eugene said...

No one messes with the Lil Chenya... cos you will have to see the father first lol,hahahahahh

Merryn said...

NO WAY!!! She's too cute to be the fierce one! Haha..

CathJ said...

Hehe.. That is so cute hearing that frm a small kid hihi... Shifting to Beijing? Wow.. All the best of luck.. :)

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