Thursday, February 12, 2009

Planning his 1st Birthday

Comes 30th May 2009, Ryan would be one year old. This will be his 1st birthday and my wife is already planning on his 1st birthday party. I know it is a little too early but then we are pretty excited about seeing him touching one. We wanted to make it a memorable occasion for him and for us. Well, we have about three months to think about how we wanted to celebrate his 1st birthday party. As we plan, we are now constantly looking out for birthday party novelties suppliers who could give us ideas on what and how we could make it even memorable.

How time flies. It still seemed like yesterday that we were eagerly expecting his arrival in the hospital. I could still remembered clearly the night before his expected arrival and how my wife went into labor at midnight although she was told that the doctor will start inducing only at 7 the next morning. In fact, by 7:15am, Ryan was already smiling at us.

I could still remember the epidural episode which started around 3 am in the morning which lasted till 4 am. By 1 am, we have already informed the nurse that we wanted epidural. The anesthetist only arrived at 3 am, looking like he just woke up from his deep slumber. Apparently, he has to come all the way from Ampang and we were in Damansara Specialist Centre. As usual the nurse gave us the form to fill which warns us about the effects and risks etc etc. My wife was like, “Just give me the damn form to sign and get on with it!” The most heart stopping moment was when he has already given the first dose and has this puzzled look when my wife complained that she is still feeling the pain! Wow. Damn stressful!

I still remembered dozing off at 5am when my wife’s pain subsided with the epidural finally kicked in, only waking at 7am, calmly walking into the labor room without realizing that my wife is just moments away from delivering.

Sweet moments of his arrival comes flooding back and we could not help but be totally amazed with this greatest Gift from God to us.



Its time for me to plan my lil brat's 2nd birthday too! Yeah I know its exciting. I thought about so many ways to celebrate his first ever birthday last year .. decided finally that we will have a quiet family dinner and the lil one had no idea what was happening :-) I ordered a 3D Barney cake .. can see from my old posts in my blog. Happy Planning!

2ma said...

hi daddy, we are excited about shan rae's 1st birthday too...and we are working on it! *hehe*

reanaclaire said...

congratulations to u and wife.. for ryan being one year old soon and wishes of good health and birthdays wishes to him too..

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

I think is never too early to plan for our angel's first birthday, since it is going to be an important and memorable event for everyone.
Last time I also plan much ahead although I just finally make a simple dinner with my family member.

agnes said...

exactly, 1 year is not long nor short.. guess you did enjoy & treasure the journey a lot.. ;)

MeRy said...

It is good to have an early planning for ur little one's bday.

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