Friday, February 6, 2009

Ryan is 8 months old now

Hello. Sorry for the long absence and silence. It has been quite a crazy week after we came back from our Chinese New Year holidays. We have been busy hunting for a day care centre or a babysitter for Ryan as I will be unable to take care of him full time in about one week time. (More of that later in another post).

Ryan has just turned 8 months on the 30th of January. We managed to grab several shots of him while playing with him on our bed. Looking back, we realized that he has grown quite a fair bit.

Some updated information about him as at to-date:-

  • He can crawl pretty well and will engage his F1 zoom speed when he sees something he wants and within seconds, will be grabbing it and happily putting it into his mouth. So, have to watch over him like a hawk in case he falls or grabs and chew on things he is not supposed to.
  • He can sit up on his own now though he prefers to be carried.
  • He likes to twirl and twist and climb all over us when we carry him, putting extra strain on my arms and hands. My mum calls him the `screwdriver’ and has been complaining that he is the `naughtiest’ grand child she has!
  • He is a happy baby, smiling to everyone he comes across, even to complete strangers, hence, also attracting attention wherever he goes. This little guy got good PR skills.
  • He cries and is cranky when wants to eat, sleep or wants attention. Give him the attention that he wants, and he is one happy little fella, giggling, grinning with his ever cheeky smile.
  • He has only one tooth and he enjoys sinking that sharp little thing into my fingers whenever he has the chance.
  • He is drinking 6oz of either breast milk or formula every 2.5 hours.
  • He sleeps through the night most of the time if he has his last feed around mid night.
  • He still likes to be carried to sleep but will sleep happily in his own baby cot.
  • He has officially setup my wife’s and mine responsibility for him. Daddy is a play toy and to feed him. Mummy is `manja’ (sweet talk) and to put him to sleep.
  • He is already on solids. He eats rice cereal mixed with steamed apple three times a day.
  • He enjoys his daily bath though he hates having his face wiped or his head washed. So, daddy has been having a hard time getting this done everyday.
  • He enjoys being completely naked and roll and crawl all the over bed.
  • He hates wearing pullovers or jumpers especially when putting them on.
  • He has developed his own set of vocabulary that no one understands.
  • He is inquisitive and always curious with a sharp eye, constantly looking out for new things that he wants to grab and play.
  • He is like a F1 driver once we put him in his walker.
  • He enjoys kicking Zoewe, our toy poodle whenever she comes near



They are cute when at that age. I was longing for mine to walk and as soon as he learnt how to walk, there was no stopping. Now have to run after him all the time!

vickylow said...

He look cute and chubby :)

cheeyee said...

U got a smart baby here. :)


Angeline said...

little boy can sit up so well now!

Wonderful Life said...

Aiyo... so fast!!

He reminds me of my chubby Ryan at 8 months... now my Ryan no more chubby liao...

eugene said...

coming over to say hi to little big Ryan, he sure fit to be a baby model for bb products

Merryn said...

looking at his smiles certainly brightens up MY day! wat a happy baby! :)

LittleLamb said...

time really passes fast...
Ryan is 8 months old now n is progressing so well..

Rose said...

What a lovely baby he becomes! But more to come, my friend when he starts walking! :)

mommy to chumsy said...

hope you all had a great cny celebration. that's a cute photo of the F1 driver :D

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

How time flies..Ryan is 8 mths old now.

Hope that you are able to find a suitable day care to look after lil Ryan.

agnes said...

wow.. big boy adi!! so fast

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