Saturday, May 9, 2009

Happy Mothers Day

I am taking this opportunity to wish my grandmother, my mother and my wife and all the wonderful and selfless mothers in the world a VERY VERY HAPPY MOTHERS DAY.

Looking back at all these pictures taken way back with my other half so lovingly holding our son, makes me appreciate and love her even more. I must say that I am the most lucky guy on earth but then again, I am sure all the husbands and fathers out there are feeling the same way too, when they see how their life partners have blessed and complete their lifes.

Once again, Happy Mothers Day!


HN said...

What a sweet post :) Wishing you and your family have a happy and memorable mother's day!

cheeyee said...

Your wife must be very happy to celebrate her first mother's day. :)

Wishing you and your family a very Happy Mother's day!

the little prince said...

What a nice posting!!

Wishing you and your family have a happy & sweet mother's day!

Angeline said...

Happy Mothers' Day to your wife!

Raymond said...

Hi. Sweet post. And a Happy Mother's Day to you and family.

Adrine said...

I'm sure you made your wife's day when she read your post :)

How's Ryan lately? Haven't seen his photos for a while.

Leeyen said...

wow! sure ur wife was touched to read this post! i love this phrase: the women complete the men lifes! KEKE! I'M FEELING SO GREAT!

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