Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Ryan sees, Ryan do!

The picture above is an old picture taken when Ryan was only 162 days old. I wrote on how Ryan imitated our fingers movement then. Even at that age, we noticed that babies have the tendency to imitate adults' movement. I also remember having a post last year that I wrote how Ryan would imitate us by sticking his tongue out whenever we do the same. It was so hilarious. Thank God, he has stopped doing since and has not been sticking his tongue out to every stranger he sees on the street. Otherwise, it would be extremely embarrassing.

We had our biggest laugh a couple of days ago. We were sitting on his play mat one evening after dinner and as usual, he would be crawling all over the play mat with all his toys and his `never leave home without it' bolster. And as usual, Zoewe, our toy poodle would also always pick this time to have her fair share of fun (seeking equal attention). Zoewe, would bring her toys (usually her rubber ducky) and would ask us to play fetch with her.

She would make sure that she has equal attention from both me and my wife and take turns to make sure that we both play fetch with her. So, as usual, she brought her toy in her mouth to my wife (who was playing with Ryan) and wanted to play fetch. My wife instinctively, just pulled the toy from Zoewe's mouth and as usual, threw it some distance away. Zoewe immediately darted off to fetch. Now, Ryan was watching the whole episode quietly. What happened next was awesome. He grabbed his bolster, lift it up and threw it at Zoewe! And then he laughed!

We looked at him in disbelief! What Ryan sees, Ryan follows! We repeated the feat a couple of times and he followed everytime, throwing his bolster at Zoewe, after we have threw the rubber ducky. It was fun, but it also reminds us to be extremely careful from now onwards when Ryan is with us, else he would be picking up all our bad habits and foul language and uses them on us instead! And how could you punish him when he has been learning all those from his parents?


LB said...

You are right. My son is about, less that 2 years old. He started to imitate us. We used to laugh but we must be careful as you wrote about what kind of things he will keep for live about our bad habits.

Angeline said...

Oh yes! *laugh* they are our mirror...

2ma said...

kids are really learning fast!! so, we have to becareful in every single word we use, and all the actions, small things that we take for granted!!

cheeyee said...

Ya kids learn through imitating. This is the easiest and fastest way to learn. :)

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