Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Milestone - Imitating our movement


8th November 2008. 9:38pm

We were trying to get Ryan to sleep but as usual he wants to play. As we were making funny noises, responding to his coos and aahhhss, we started to notice that he will imitate our actions and sometimes our sounds.

To test out the theory, I held out my hand and make some movements with my fingers and Ryan instantly, held out his little hand and tried to imitate. Both my wife and I had a good laugh! To retest the theory, my wife did the same thing, and Ryan immediately held up his little hand and try to imitate the exact movement. As we laughing away, he smiled and kicked with excitement. This is what parenthood is all about. The little moments that seemed so insignificant yet so priceless!


Dora said...

That's so cute! Yeah the bonding moment between parents & kids is really precious.

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

I can imagine the special and sweet moment.
Yes, it is the most precious moment for all the parents.

2ma said...

yeah, priceless moments!!! guess the thot of it makes you smile too

Fussy mum said...

hi! dropping by for the 1st time. You have a cute little boy, enjoy every precious moments with him :)

Hazel said...

they are cute during the moment they learn to imitating our pattern

Leeyen said...

Babies imitate and learn. :) Next time u can try to stick out ur tounge, sure make u laugh too!

Daddy said...

Yupe. Even thinking about it makes us smile. Emmm...must try the sticking tongue trick and see what happen. We have tried whistling and he followed by putting his lips together as well. Sure is one cheeky fella.

Hi Fussy Mum. Thanks for dropping by. Do dropped more often. Certainly looking forward to seeing you again. Do visit the rest of the mommies here if you haven't got to know them.

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