Friday, November 28, 2008

Moments when the World STOPS!

Besides the recent drop in fuel prices, I dread looking at the newspaper nowadays. The financial outlook for the world at large has never been gloomier. Even 1997 financial crisis (which was bad) is pale in comparison to what we are facing today. I do not see any light at the end of the tunnel yet because nothing so far has suggested that we will be out of it soon. The financial crisis in 1997 already saw many organizations struggling with retrenchment, laid off, salary cut, bankruptcy, forced unpaid leave and companies closing down. I had to lead a Crisis Management Committee to work out cost cutting measures to ensure the survival of the company and I was not a popular figure then. And that was only applicable to those countries where their currencies were under attack. The current financial meltdown involved so many other nations with US, Europe needing government financial bailout while many others seeking for IMF assistance. I dread to think of the next 12 months ahead.

However, despite all the gloom and turmoil, there are moments when the world literally stops for me. The moment when the financial turmoil and uncertainties do not mean a thing. The moment when all that matters to me is what is in front of my eyes. And that moment was when Ryan laughed and smiled without a care in the world. And at that moment, even for a brief second, I too, am without a care in the world except my child.


Kristie said...

i love babies' giggles too!!!!

Rose said...

This crisis would continue till end of next year the most.

and yes, what ever happen, we dont care, the most important is your family! and of course the smile of the loves one! :) have a nice weekend

sterndal said...


I really love babies :)

someday i also want to become a proud mommy like you!

I'll make a blog for my future baby too :)

loove your blog!


Irene said...

sigh, im really worried abt the recession lo. retrenchment, cut pay, no bonus, sigh.. scary le. hope msia will be ok leh :(

4malmal said...

awwww..sweet! I love your positive outlook, thanks for the reminder :)

Bonnie said...

Ryan seems tired of laughing..Hahaha..

"Daddy, stop it.."

Natalia said...

Me too very worried about this economic crisis.

But one thing I'm very sure, once you see your little one giggles/laughings, all your headaches will gone.

LittleLamb said...

it scary
what if no to survive? ???

vickylow said...

Ya life still goes on whatever it happen. But we are bless that we can go thru it with our beloved family and friend.

Daddy said...

The current crisis is definitely scary. But nothing we can do can change it. So, just got to brace ourselves to face it. Got to cut down unnecessary expenses lor.

Anonymous said...

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