Monday, November 10, 2008

A busy weekend

Last week was a busy weekend. Ryan woke up early and after giving him a bath, we hurried down to Midvalley because we wanted to attend the Chicco car seat launch. We had our breakfast at Toastbox but we totally dislike the location of this outlet in Midvalley in comparison to the one at Sunway Pyramid. This outlet caters for more smokers than non-smokers as there are more seats outside then inside. We hurriedly gobbled down our breads and coffees and make our way to Gardens.

We did some window shopping and by 1pm, we went to register for the launch. Since we were an hour early, and feeling a little thirsty, we dropped by the Flying Chillies, a Thai Restaurant for a drink.

We found out that the drinks were more expensive than the food. We ordered three drinks and the bill came close to RM50! The launch started at 2pm. After the launch, we decided to go ahead to invest in a Chicco car seat. By the time we finished and arrived home, it was close to 5pm! Ryan didn't sleep much the entire day. He was just too excited. Once home, we unwrapped the car seat to try it out with him. That was Saturday gone!

Early Sunday morning, my wife wanted to go to her hairdresser in Bangsar Village. She had wanted to have her hair cut for weeks now but did not manage to find the time. We had to go this week, else she will be in one of her grumbling mood. So, after giving Ryan his bath, off we went to Bangsar Village. While my wife was having her hair done up, my sister and I brought Ryan to a nice little cafe called Delicious. Very nicely decorated. The food selection looks good. While my sister ordered an Iced Long Coffee, I went ahead with a `Death with Ice Chocolate.' (RM10.90). Wasn't disappointed. We ordered a 3 cheese sandwich which turned to be extremely delicious.

By the time we finished, my wife was done too. So, we went around Bangsar Village looking for a place for her to have her breakfast/lunch. After debating between SuChan and Marmalade, the cheesecake at Marmalade finally won. Both my sister and I were contented with just a drink while my wife indulged in her very `wicked' cheesecake. By the time we got home, it was almost 3:30pm. Again, Ryan wasn't sleeping much the whole time. He was more busy smiling and getting excited at every single store that we went in.

We were dead tired when we got home but not Ryan. We knew that he was tired, but all the excitement and the adrenalin has not subsided. He insisted that we carried him and played with him the whole afternoon and evening. We finally got him to sleep at 9pm, by which time, both my wife and I were like zombies! (Not to mention my sister of whom I have grabed a picture of her sleeping like a log on the sofa but with no permission to upload here ..sigh!) Where on earth do babies get all their energy from I wonder.....

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