Thursday, November 27, 2008

Maid - Setting the Expectations

Setting Expectations
We find setting the expectations right from day one goes a long way in establishing a good working relationship with our maid. We regard our maid like an employee of an organization. Hence, we treat her like how we would treat a new staff joining on the very first day.

Our expectations of her
Firstly, knowing that we are only paying RM500 a month for our maid, while employers of other countries are paying much higher wages, we must first acknowledged that we will not be getting the best of the lot. If they are good and smart, they would be heading to the Middle East, Hong Kong or Singapore. Malaysia will be the last on the list.

Our expectations from her
Secondly, on the very first day that we brought our maid home, before we even start her on her first chore, we sat our maid down and set out our expectations. We did not give a long lecture of what we want her to do. We just list down to her a brief short list of simple expectations. Important expectations like we expect to be honest and truthful, making a mistake is OK but must work to improve, smile and courteous at all times to us and to all guests, to voice out what she don’t know and don’t understand. It is also critical also to identify the key person in the house to take instructions from.

This list of expectations becomes very handy for us to continuously remind her when she slacks and useful during our periodic review of her performance.

Next, with expectations in place, how do you make sure that she knows her job scope and tasks?


Angeline said...

*clap clap clap* its always good to lay down the cards before 'anything' should begin....its a guideline, its a 'rule' in some sense and its definitely a must have kind of conversation....

Daddy said...

Hi. Yupe. We felt that without the expectations, review and measurement will not be possible and if we have our expectations but did not communicate to her clearly, then it would be unfair to her when we start judging her and blaming her for not living up to our expectations.

LittleLamb said...

communication is the key. keep talking to her, checking with her..

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