Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Wolfberry Chicken

Last week, besides trying the chicken with basil leaves, we also tried out the wolfberry chicken dish for one of our dinners. The recipe book recommended chicken wings but we used the entire chicken instead.

Wolfberry is another Chinese herb widely regarded as nutritious and consumed by the Chinese. It is also widely used in confinement recipes. Among the benefits of wolfberries are to improve blood circulation, increase energy and vitality, improve eyesight, and provide natural resistance to colds, flu, and disease. It was even reported that Wolfberries were among the secrets behind the longevity of the Himalayan people, as well as the north-western Chinese. And the best wolfberries are reported to be those from Ningxia autonomous region of China.

For all the health reasons, you should give this dish a try. The ingredients and the preparation method are again simple and straight-forward.

5 tablespoon of wolfberries. (Quantity largely depends on how much you like the sweetness of wolfberries. Cut down on the quantity if you prefer less sweetness).
1 whole chicken (cut into small pieces)
100ml water
4 tablespoon of sesame oil

1 tablespoon of light soy sauce
Dash of sugar
1 tablespoon of abalone sauce

Clean chicken and drain well
Heat the sesame oil and add in the chicken. Cooked until it changes colour
Pour in the seasoning, wolfberries and water and simmer on medium heat until the water dries up or when chicken is cooked.
Serve hot


Fussy mum said...

looks good and yummy!! And the method you set out here is also very simple to follow.

Umma said...

hello Daddy Ryan, the chicken looks so yummilicious..I want to try this one too and see if it will come out as good as yours.
Your wife is so lucky to have as a husband.. I always like a guy who knows how to cook.. and goodness you're also taking care of your baby.. one of a kind daddy.

Kristie said...

looks yummy!!!

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