Friday, June 19, 2009

New Version of Smart Tag!

What similarities do you see between these two items? I don't see any but Ryan obviously does.

A couple of weeks ago, he did something that had us roaring with laughter!
I normally had my smarttag nicely tucked into my drivers' compartment and will take it out and hold it up everytime I pass by the Smart Tag toll booth. He has been obviously observing me doing that for quite a while because this cheeky guy had some new trick up his sleeve.

A couple of weeks ago, while we were going home with him sitting on his mommy's lap (yupe, this guy now refuses to sit in his car seat because he is just so curious), he has been playing with one of his shoes that he has taken off himself. As I approached the Subang Interchange and was about to reach the Smart Tag booth, I took out my Smart Tag from my driver's compartment and held it up, ready for it to be scanned.

This little `monkey' watched me silently doing what I am doing, and the next thing we knew, he was holding up his shoe in the same manner that I was doing, as if waiting for the `beep' sound once the tag has been scanned. He took us by surprise! As if that was not enough, as our car passed the toll booth after the tag was scanned, I put my smart tag back into the driver's compartment (the compartment between the driver's seat and the front passenger seat, just before the gear stick).

He did the next most amazing thing that gave us the next surprise. He leaned forward and push open the compartment and proceed to `stuff' his smarttag (the shoe) into the same compartment. Tried as hard as he could, the shoe just would not fit in. Not one to give up easily, he gets even more excited and push it even harder. In order to satisfy him, I took out my smart tag to give his `smart tag' room. The moment his shoe went in, he closed compartment, looked at us with a very satisfied and accomplished look and grinned.

Both of us were dumbfounded and could only laughed and laughed. On one hand, it was funniest thing he has done to-date and on the other hand, we are glad that this little guy is displaying simple intelligence that we hope would continue to grow into something useful for him when he finally grows up.

Children are amazing (especially if their are yours)!


2ma said...

smart ryan!!! he is definitely very observant

Mummy Gwen said...

Hehe...That is SO CUTE!!

Serene said...

I really thought there are newer version of Smart Tag in the market now when i read the title of your post. haha! Oh... Ryan is really cute!

sunflower said...

Children are amazing (especially if their are yours)! <<< This I agree totally. hehe

the little prince said...

Hahaha!! Ryan is so cute!!

So happen that his shoes about the same colour as the tag!! :-)

renet13 said...

I cnt stop giggling reading your post. Ryan is a sure genius.

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Haha...I like the new version of Smart Tag. Super cute!

Ryan is so observant. Smart boy!

Angeline said...

*laugh* super cute!
and Happy Fathers' Day!

eugene said...

To a fellow dad,,, " we are the greatest" cos our children said so,,,hahahahah

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