Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Our 2nd Adventure begins!

Yupe. Our second adventure has started and it's been 6 weeks now. Wifey is expecting our second miracle and this little one is a `Made in Korea' kimchee boy/girl. We are obviously excited about it and wifey has been wanting a playmate for lil Ryan for quite a while now.

It seemed that the morning sickness for this one is worse than when she had Ryan. Last week was really bad when she felt nausea the entire day with no appetite to eat and can hardly drink any water.

To make matter worse, one of her tooth which has a previous hairline crack, cracked. It was so painful for her that she hardly got any sleep for 2 nights. We have no choice but to make an appointment with our dentist.

When we told him that she is 5 weeks pregnant, the first response was `OH. Sorry. I don't think we can do anything about it. Can't even give u an X-ray."

We were naturally stunned and worried because how on earth is she going to endure the excruciating pain for the next 8 months? We asked him again whether can anything be done. After thinking for awhile, he said, "I could give you some anesthetic."

The obvious next question that we would ask would be "Is it safe?"

He took out the leaflet, circled a part of the description and pass it to us and said "Read this please .." That part read something like ..."...this has not been tested for pregnant women. However, it has been extensively on pregnant women with no known side effects...."

He looked at us and said "OK?"

I was like "Do we have a choice?" Anyway, after giving it some thoughts and knowing that she would not be able to stand the pain for the next 8 months, we went ahead with the anesthetic. On inspection, it was confirmed that the tooth did crack and has to be extracted. In fact it was so bad that it actually broke into TWO during the extraction.

She was given panadols for the pain which only offered minimal relief. It was a painful day for her and equally painful for me to see her going through it.

Thank God, the pain went away the following day. And thank God, that the nausea only comes in the morning and she has started to have an appertite to eat.

And her cravings is like..."fried rice now, boiled carrots next, brocolli the next instance and longan water in the middle of the night!" Hahahaha...

Like I said earlier, it would not be an adventure if it is not exciting and this one proves to be a real adventure from the word `GO!'


LittleLamb said...

Congrats... so happy for u.
Xmas gift do come early :)

Yeapies said...

Congratulations! What great Christmas gift indeed! :)

Serene said...


Leona said...

So excited for u and wife and little Ryan...
a playmate for Ryan!!!
Ur wife is a strong woman enduring the pain!

Iron Lady, Lisa said...

waaah! congratulations! =) what a good news lah.. take a really good care of the wifey ok. god bless!

Alice Law said...

Congratulation! I'd suggest you to get a 2nd opinion from another dentist, although tooth extraction is not recommended during pregnancy, but it's quite common a procedure for certain cases like what your wifey has endured. I reckon constant pain and stressfulness through out the pregnancy are not good for either the mother and baby! My 2 cents!:)

Try to google for more information before you make up your mind!^-^

Daddy said...

Thanks for all the wishes. The pain has gone. phew!!!

vickylow said...

Congrats for your No. 2, wish your wife have a good and smooth pregnancy. Let her have some vege fruits juice as plain water is tasteless for her now.

Shirley said...

wow, congrats! merry christmas!

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