Saturday, March 24, 2012

Fever at 38.3

Yupe. That was Chenya's temperature this morning when we took her to her paed. She has been feeling a little unwell for about a week already with a running nose which got worse last 2 nights and a cough, resulting in none of us having a good night rest since her nose was so badly blocked.

Diagnosis is that her nose is blocked and compounded with an infected throat and hence the fever. She has lost 0.2 kg since but apart from that she is still one happy baby, constantly wanting to grab his brother's toys to play.

Ryan is also having a running nose (God, can't really remember the day that he is not having one). Since he was at clinic, we got the paed to have a look at him too.

Final bill for the two of them came to a whopping RM270! Raising children nowadays is a very expensive affair.

At 8 months old, Chenya is very busy babbling her baby language, mimicking our actions and sounds, has started crawling all over the place and since 2 days ago, attempting to stand the moment she can grab hold on something to support herself.

She loves to play with Ryan and absolutely adores him and will smiled and laughed cheekily everything Ryan teases her. Ryan on the other hand, adores her little sister and constantly strokes her face and head and said that he `sayang' his sister except when it comes to sharing his toys ....hahahaha

She is now on solid and absolutely loves peach, pumpkin and pears but apparently has developed an allergy to bananas.

Managed to grab some pictures of her 2 days ago and she is one cute princess..


MeRy said...

get well soon..

Mummy and daddy: Angie and Ben said...

Hope they're both better now.

Leona said...

Chenya is adorable. Looks so much like her big kor kor.

Totally agree with u on expenses on kids nowadays...esp the healthcare part. So better ask ur Ryan to be a paed when he grows up...megabucks! My son has banana dun think he will go anywhere near the medical line...:p

Adrine said...

She's such a cutie pie!
Got similar look as her kor kor.

Hope they both get well soon.

Merryn said...

aww... she's so cute! Hope she is doing better now.

Yee Ling said...

Looks like her kor cute.

More Pictures on Jeju Island Coming up NEXT!