Thursday, October 11, 2012

Are we the WORST? Really?

At the time when I read that Malaysian taxi drivers were rated one of the worst in the world, I have just came back from taking an approximately 30 minutes taxi ride from Bellevue in Seattle to downtown Pikes Market which cost me USD39 besides the USD5 tips that I have to pay, which means that my 30 minutes ride cost me a cool RM136.50 at today's exchange rate of 3.104. I barely spent 2 hours at the Pikes Fish Market before I had to go back to the hotel with Ryan whining about being tired and sleepy. Hence, my 2 hours escapade cost me a whopping RM273!

So, before we start to jump blaming our Malaysian taxi drivers and pointing fingers that the report is true and they deserve what they deserves, I believe that we should look at the `so called' poll and report and the results objectively before we judged.
I have the privilege to travel quite a fair bit recently, and taking taxis in some of this countries that I have visited and the experience related to this group of people and their occupation.

I must said that I do agreed that we simply do not have the best taxi drivers in the world but I am not quite sure if they deserved being called the WORST!

Read more about my experience with taxis from other parts of the world and see for yourself if we deserved to be called the worst taxi drivers in the WORLD at MyNikon & I : Worst Taxi Drivers.


MeRy said...

That is expensive...

Daddy said...

Yes Mery. Taking taxis overseas so far especially in Europe and USA, we found out is extremely expensive. Which is why renting a car in USA while visiting, if one can drive a left handed drive car is so much more economical. It only cost us USD50 a day plus insurance and I rented a 2 door sporty Ford Mustang. So, imagine the amount that the black cabs in London must be paid. At that price, they better be providing the best service in the WORLD!

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