Tuesday, October 9, 2012

You are giving me a HEADACHE!

As I was browsing through the Tomy Roma's menu at Anaheim, Los Angeles after a two hours drive back from San Diego where we have spent a day earlier at the Sea World, carefully selecting a hearty meal that would hopefully gives me enough energy to last me till midnight later at Disneyland, Ryan, as usual wanting attention, asked me which ultraman figurine that he has brought along for this holiday would I want?
"Daddy, you want Dyna or Ultraman Gaia?" he asked, shoving the two figurines into my face.

Irritated, tired and just wanting to get him off my back, I said "Tiga". For the uninitiated, Tiga is yet another Ultraman in the huge ultraman family.

"Huh? Tiga? No! I don't have Tiga!" he screamed.
"I asked you which one you want? Dyna or Gaia?" he continued.
"But I want Tiga" I repeated, wanting to agitate him and give me a piece of his own medicine when he agitates me non stop.
"I told YOUuuuuu. I don't have Tiga!" he repeated.
"Why not?" I asked, sensing blood, knowing that he was getting impatient.
"I didn't bringggggg!" he explained.
"Why not?" I persisted.
"I told youuuuu, I didn't bring!" he said
"Why? I wanted Tiga because he is so strong!" I insisted.
"But I didn't bringggggg!" his eyes rolling with frustration and agitation.
"But I want!" I pressed on, a line that he uses so often on us that will never fail to drive us up the wall.
"I told you alreadyyyyyy, I didn't bring!" you can have either Dyna or Gaia Onlyyyy!" trying to stress his point.
"But I only want Tiga." I insisted.

At this point, he was already irritated with me to the max, a moment of which I enjoyed tremendously. What a evil daddy I am, but hell, I am having fun for once and having him at the receiving end.

He rolled his eyes and one hand on his head and exclaimed, "Daddy! You are giving me a Headache!"

Both my wife and I burst into laughter and we were laughing so hard till we cried and I am pretty sure that the patrons next to us must have thought the Chinese next to them have absolutely gone mad and were too loud, like all other Chinese they must have came across.

It's pay back time ! Hehehehehe


Winnie Ng said...

hhahahahahahah there you go... enjoy doing this ya.. i wanan try to irritate him too next round :P

Cynful Pleasure said...

hahaha... see, they learned fast too... LOL!!

Lisa Hz said...


Anonymous said...
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