Tuesday, December 4, 2012

He speaks like an AMERICAN!

So, how is everyone adapting to life in Beijing after one month?
I must said that the children are adapting to the changes faster than anyone else. Chenya is enjoying herself running up and down the apartment which has a much bigger living hall as compared to the one back home.
The weather is getting extremely cold by the day. Day time high is now around 2 to 3 degrees and forecasted to be 0 tomorrow. Night temperature is dropping below 0 and expected to be negative 8 tomorrow night.
Imagine having to walk Zoewe twice daily for her morning and night `business' in such chilly weather. It is definitely quite an experience. Despite wearing my winter jacket, I can still feel the chilly air cutting right into my body. My fingers and face grows numb within minutes. My ears are stiff and pulling the hood over my head helps but not much.
Going out for a walk takes a good 15 minutes to prepare both Chenya and Ryan considering the layers of clothes they have to put on.
And the biggest change we noticed is the way Ryan talks.
He has been attending Ivy International Academy which is an International School where his class teacher is an American Phd holder, while his assistant, a charming Japanese expat with a very sweet young local Chinese assistant. After just attending school for merely 2 weeks or so, he is now speaking with an American accent. .... slap head....
Looks like he is feeling right at home here ...so far....


Irene said...

Hi Daddy, glad to hear the kids are adapting so well. Speaking with an American accent is waaaayyy better than speaking with a Malaysian, don't you think? Can you put up more pictures, if you have the time? Would love to see the surroundings, etc

Daddy said...

Hi Irene. Can't load any pictures liow...Apparently, I have used up all the FREE space allocated and if I need to load any more pictures, got to pay already..I load more pictures of our daily life here on my facebook. You can search and add me at rodlooi@yahoo.com

More Pictures on Jeju Island Coming up NEXT!