Thursday, December 6, 2012

Technically, he is NOT WRONG.

We have TWO super hyper active offspring at home. While Ryan is ever jumping and fighting with his imaginary monsters, Chenya is ever inquisitive, curious of almost everything and is constantly on a look out for new nooks and corners in the house to explore and new things to play with. Having both of them in the apartment at the same time, awake and playing together, will guarantee you endless screaming and shouting, and inevitably, a never ending streams of 'No', 'Be careful', 'Don't do that!' or 'STOP!' from either me or their mom.
Last night, while Chenya was standing by the balcony window looking out for smoke that has been billowing from a very tall chimney some distance away (she seemed to enjoy watching and we have that almost the entire day now as we are entering into a very cold winter in Beijing), Ryan (being Ryan as usual, innovative in finding new ways to have fun, often getting into our nerves) was playing behind the curtain.
Chenya, not to be outdone, immediately imitate and followed and almost pull down the entire curtain. This girl is kinda of a 'destroyer' of sorts. Within a day of shifting in, she has already managed to spoilt a light switch and I just discovered the 'Panasonic' logo on our LCD tv, halfway being peeled off!
Not only are we worried that she would pull the curtain down but more importantly how she would hurt herself.
His mommy immediately went into a strings of 'Ryan, no!', 'Ryan, stop that!', 'Chenya, don't play with the curtain!'. Ryan as usual would pay no attention once he is in his 'Play 'Mode' until someone has to raise his or her voice and that his mommy finally did, running out of patience.
'How many times have I asked you not to play with the curtain?' she went on, not exactly expecting an answer but merely voicing her frustration.
"Say 'I will not play with curtains!' she continued. "Say 10 times!"
"10 times." Ryan obediently followed!
I burst into laughter almost spilling my coffee all over the dining table.
Technically speaking, he was Not wrong!

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