Saturday, August 30, 2008

How he has grown!

It's a Saturday. Ryan was pretty notorious last night. Her mum has to take him and get him to sleep in the guest room so that I could get some quality sleep. (Have not slept well for the last 2 nights). She knew that if she let me have my way, I will probaby put him on the bed and let him cried himself to sleep which I have done a couple of times in the past....More of that in another post...

Anyway, as usual I would give him a bath if he is not with the babysitter (from Monday to Friday). Was bathing the usual way, with his head lying against my hands and I was washing his tummy. He enjoys his bath nowadays especially if the water temperature is just right. Suddenly he extended his legs and kicked the end of his bath tub and he caught me by surprise! His head hit against the side of the bath tub. He didn't cry (thank God) but he did give me one of those `Hey! Watch it!' look with a frown. And it dawns on me, on how much he has grown! He has outgrown the bath tub itself!

I can still clearly remembers the first time I bathe him and he was so tiny! By the way, he was borned prematurely at only 34 weeks and weighing only 2.2kg! He was so fragile and my hands were trembling to hold him and his fragile head and neck while the confinement lady was giving me instructions on what to do.

He is 3 months old now and looking back, it was like we brought him home yesterday. The last 3 months fatherhood has indeed been a wonderful and challenging experience and I'm glad that I get the chance to relive fatherhood a second time (didn't quite do a good job with my elder children with my ex).

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