Saturday, August 30, 2008

All because he is my baby

He looks cute right? His diaper was being changed. You really don't want to see and know what the picture isn't showing.
I always wonder how parents could stand changing their babies' diapers. The smell, the colour and the texture....eeeee.... And all of them seemed to be enjoying every minute of it. They kept on telling me then, that you would not mind when my time to change my baby's diapers comes. I could never imagine doing it myself. Well, my wife shared the same sentiment.
But surprisingly, now that Ryan is with us, what we dread doing the most and could never imagine ourselves doing is no longer a challenge to us. Yeah, we still look at the colour of their poo and the texture carefully now, but no longer because it looks awful but more as a matter of concern. Is it too hard, too watery, too greenish in colour etc. The smell....emm....what smell??? In fact there are times when others got to tell us that Ryan has poo poo and both of us don't even smell it!
I just finished changing his diaper because he pooed an hour ago. Did smelled bad? You bet! Was it yucky? Every minute of it! Would I do it again? Of course!! ALL because he is my baby.

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