Thursday, September 4, 2008

A bit of an `Uncle' Everyday

Ran out of milk powder the other day. Wow! It was like yesterday that we bought that tin. He is on breast milk mostly at night and will only take milk powder when he is with his nanny or when we go out. Can't imagine what if he is fully on milk powder. Anyway, it is time again to go shopping and the prices of baby formula is exorbitant! He is on Enfalac A+ now. I was checking every hyper mart, medical hall, pharmacy or superstore that I was at and mentally taking note of the price and trying hard to compare to the last price checked. I found that the price for a tin of 900g Enfalac A+ varies from RM58.90 to as high as RM69 at different outlets! Can you imagine spending an additional RM10 per tin if I had not checked or compared the prices! I bought 3 tins immediately at RM58.90 at the Pasaraya MegaHerbs and Food Sdn Bhd located at Taman Megah,Petaling Jaya. (..and I did check the expiry date and it's 2010)
And suddenly it dawns on me that I am becoming more careful when it comes to spending, or, many would probably said that I'm becoming more `Uncle' or `Auntie'. I guess unconsciously, the amount of money that we have spent on Ryan and are still spending has made us more prudent. It's definitely financially heavy to bring up a baby especially with today's escalating cost and expenses. I am not sure how much we have already spend on him but i am certain that it's going to cost A LOT MORE! Emmm....maybe I'll compile a list of items that we have spent preparing for his arrival and his daily expenses now...I guess many would be parents or young couples might put off the idea of starting a family once they look at that list! Hehe.....
For those who are already expecting, congratulations and too bad...there is no turning back. Just got to be more `Auntie' or `Uncle' like me and march on. Watch out for the hot deals that I'll try to update this blog from time to time, and share with the rest of us if you have a better deal somewhere. I'm sure all of us here (me definitely) will be grateful.......:)


Lay Lien said...

RM58.90 is still the cheapest. The one I saw at Setapak cost about RM61.

Daddy said...

Yupe. The RM58.90 batch is from the batch before the price increase. I just checked the other day to try to buy some more but unfortunately all sold off already. The price is now about RM65. I've found another medical hall in Damansara Jaya that sells the refill of 650g at old price of RM44.90. Limited stock apparently. So I guess I will be heading there to get a few packs before Ryan's milk powder runs out soon.

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