Thursday, September 25, 2008

List of Safe Dairy Products in Malaysia

The following products were declared safe by the Malaysian Government as reported by The STAR on the 24th and 25th September 2008

Enfalac A+;Enfalac Routine Infant Formula;Enfapro A+;Enfapro Routnine Follow Up Formula;Enfagrow A+ Vanilla;Enfagrow A+ Original;Enfagrow A+ Honey;Enfakid A+ Original;Enfakid A+ Honey;Sustagen Junior Honey;Sustagen Junior Vanilla;Sustagen Junior Chocolate;Sustagen Kid Honey;Sustagen Kid Vanilla;Sustagen Kid Chocolate;Sustagen School Honey;Sustagen School Vanilla;Sustagen School Chocolate;Enfamama A+ Chocolate;Enfamama A+ Vanilla;Enfalac A+ AR;Enfalac A+ HA;Prosobee;Enfalac LF;Enfalac A+ Premature Powder

Company: DUMEX
Bebelac EC;Bebelac FL;Bebelac Kid Step 3;Bebelac Kid Step 4;Bebelac Step 1;Bebelac Step 2;Dugro 1 Plus;Dugro 3 Plus;Dugro 6 Plus;Dulac Infant Formula;Dupro Follow Up Formula;Mamex Gold Step 1;Mamex Gold Step 2;Mamex LF;Mamil Gold Step 3;Mamil Gold Step 4;Mamil Mama
Nutrakids Cereals

Company: NESTLE
Cap Junjung sweetened beverage creamer;Cappuccino Topping;Carnation Evaporated Creamer;Coffeemate;Coffeemate Lite;Coulis De Tomato tomato sauce;Everyday Instant filled milk powder;Favorita range of products;Honey Stars breakfast cereal;Ideal Full Cream Evaporate Milk;Kit Kat range of products;Lactogen 1 with DHA;Lactogen 2 with DHA;Lactogen 3 Nan 2;Maggi fixes and Maggi soup containing milk;Mat Kool range of products;Milo Balls/Milo BFC;Milo range of products;Nan 2 with Probiotics;Nan 3;Nan HA Alcalese;Nan HA1;Nan HA2;Nescafe 3 in 1;Nescafe Body Partners;Nescafe Cappuccino ;Nescafe Latte;Nescafe Mocha Freeze;Nescafe range of can drink products;Neslac 1+ Honey;Neslac 1+ Original;Neslac 3+ Honey;Neslac 3+ Original;Nespray 1+ Honey;Nespray 1+ Original;Nespray 3+ Honey;Nespray 3+ Original;Nespray 5+ ;Nespray Cergas;Nespray Instant;Nespray UHT;Nesquik UHT;Nestle Bliss Zero;Nestle Cereals (Premium infant cereals);Nestle Complete Mashed Potato;Nestle Crunch;Nestle Dairy Sterilised Reduced Cream;Nestle Drumstick range of products;Nestle Fat Yogurt Drink;Nestle Full Cream Milk;Nestle KFC desert orange sherbert;Nestle Low Fat Milk;Nestle Milky Bar and Crunch;Nestle Nan 1;Nestle Natural Yogurt;Nestle Omega Acticol;Nestle Omega Plus Everyday Instant Filled Milk Powder;Nestle Omega UHT;Nestle Original Lime/Vanilla;Nestle Potong read bean;Nestle Prebio 1 (infant cereals with milk);Nestle Prebio 2 Rusk Banana;Nestle Prebio 2 Rusk Original;Nestle Premium Fruit;Nestle Pre-nan;Nestle range of ice cream;Nestle Sundae cup KFC Vanilla;Nestle Sundae Cup Vanilla;Nestle Tea-Time Creamer;Nestle Teh Tarik;Nestle Tropicana Lime/Vanilla;Nestle Yogurt Drinks;Nestomalt;Nesturm Cereals 3 in 1;Nesturm Sarapan Berkhasiat;Nesvita 3 in 1;Nesvita Hi Cal UHT;Nesvita High Cal Non Fat;Nesvita UHT;Nesvita with Actifibras;Nutren 1.0 Vanilla;Nutren 1.0 with Fiber Vanilla;Nutren Diabetes;Nutren Junior Vanilla;Nutren Optimum;Peptamen Junior;Peptamen Vanilla;Purell Mashed Potato Granules with skim milk;Whole Water Soluble Milo; Yoco range;Yogurt

Anchor butter;Anchor Colby Cheddar blend shread;Anchor cream cheese;Anchor culinary cream (UHT);Anchor full cream milk powder;Anchor mozzarella cheese;Anchor processed cheddar cheese;Anchor whipping cream (UHT);Anlene Concentrate UHT;Anlene Gold Milk Powder;Anlene Regular milk Powder (Plain/chocolate);Anlene Yogurt;Anmum growing up milk powder 1+;Anmum growing up milk powder 3+;Anmum Infacare followup formula;Anmum Infacare Infant Formula;Anmum Lacta Milk Powder;Anmum Materna Milk powder;Chesdale slice cheese;Fernleaf Calciyum yogurt;Fernleaf full cream milk powder;Fernleaf growing up milk powder 1+;Fernleaf growing up milk powder 3+;Fernleaf Instant Milk Powder;Fernleaf Kuat milk powder

Company: MAMEE
Nutrigen Cultured Milk;Nutrigen IQ3 Cultured Milk;Nutrigen Liteyo Stirred Yogurt;Nutrigen Liteyo Yogurt Drink

Completa Evaporated Milk;Dutch Lady 0% Fat Drinking Yoghurt range of products;Dutch Lady 2;Dutch Lady Full Cream Milk Powder (plain);Dutch Lady Growing Up Milk 123 range of products;Dutch Lady Growing Up Milk 456 range of products;Dutch Lady Iced Latte range of products;Dutch Lady Instant Filled Milk Powder range of products;Dutch Lady Langkah 1&2 range of products;Dutch Lady Low Fat Eating Yoghurt range of products;Dutch lady Sterilised Milk range of products;Dutch Lady UHT Milk range of Products;Frisco range of products;Frisolac 1 Gold;Frisolac 2 Gold;Frisolac Comfort;Joy Fruit Juice range of Products;Shine 0% Fat Cup Yoghurt range of products;Sweetened Creamer range of products;Yes! Grape;Yes! Orange;Yes! Strawberry;Yes! Tutti Frutti

Drinho Rose Bandung;Dutch Mill;Nugrow


Enercal Plus;Nursoy;Progress;Progress Gold;Promil;Promil Gold;Promise;Promise Gold;S26;S26 Gold;S26 HMF;S26 LBW;SMA;Wyeth Mama

Marigold Cream Yogurt;Marigold evaporated creamer;Marigold evaporated filled milk;Marigold HL Milk;Marigold Pasturised Milk;Marigold Sweetened condensed filled milk;Marigold sweetened creamer;Marigold sweetened creamer (From Singapore);Marigold UHT Milk;Marigold Yogurt Drink;Vitagen Collagen cultured milk drink;Vitagen cultured milk drink

Horlicks 3 in 1;Horlicks Instant cereal drink;Horlicks Malt Food Drink;Horlicks Malties

Alimentum ;Ensure Glucerna;Gain Kid Advance EYEQ;Gain Kid EYEQ Advance Shield (NEW);Gain Plus Advance EYEQ;Gain Plus EYEQ Advance Shield (NEW);Grow 3+;Grow 6+;Isomil + Advance EYEQ;Isomil Advance EYEQ;Pediasure;Pediasure Complete;Prosure;Similac Advance EYEQ;Similac Advance EYEQ with Iron;Similac Advance Shield (NEW);Similac Gain Advance EYEQ;Similac Gain Advance Shield (NEW);Similac LF;Similac Neosure\

Yakult Ace


Anonymous said...

This is very informative!

Anonymous said...

Can we trust this safe list when its just warranties (guarantees) from the milk product companies and not actual lab tests certification ??? read here

Daddy said...

The safe list is updated based on the list as released by the Malaysia's Health Ministry, compiled as reported in the papers. Can we trust this safe list? I guess this boils down to how much we really trust what our ministries are doing. I believe we have no idea as to how these products were tested or whether absolutely all the products were tested. In the first place, I am not even sure how and who certifies what products are safe to be imported or distributed here. What we are seeing is a list of products imported legally. We have not even begin to look at the list of items that are in the country that the Health Ministry is not even aware of. Is there a risk? Of course. There will always be a risk. But I believe this scandal makes people more aware and wary of the quality of food that they consumed.

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