Tuesday, September 30, 2008

10000 more down as a result of tainted milk

It was reported by Reuters that as many as 10,000 more additional cases of children who have developed kidney illnesses after consuming tainted milk (as reported by the The Star 27th September 2008). If this true, we are looking at a total figure of close to 64,000 babies or children becoming victims to the greed of a few man wanting to make a few dollars more. No additional deaths have been reported (four reported so far), and the WHO representative in China said that effective medical help made many more deaths unlikely. I certainly hope that they are right although I'm doubtful given the high number of children reportedly affected, the duration of which the scandal had been allowed to continue (closed to 8 months after the tainted milk incident was discovered) and the manner of which the truth has been reported so far.

It was reported that much of the additional 10000 cases were detected in Hebei, the northern province where Sanlu Dairy group is based. There were also no reports so far from China's big commercial hub such as Shanghai but the state media said that many infants may have been affected. We are likely to see more victims and possibly deaths not only from China but probably other countries where the tainted milk powder have been exported to and consumed.
In Hong Kong, a fifth child, a 10 year old boy was reported to be found suffering kidney problems related to drinking tainted milk.

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