Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Tainted Milk - Cover up since December 2007

It was reported that Sanlu Group, the dairy firm first found to be selling melamine contaminated milk powder that sparks off a world wide panic on Chinese exported dairy products, knew or were aware of the problem as early as December 2007 when they received complaints of sick children. It was also reported that officials in the northern city of Shijiazhuang, where Sanlu is based, delayed referring the matter to higher authorities for more than a month after Sanlu finally told them about the problem on the 2nd August 2008.

The company did not act, conducted test or recall any of the products between December 2007 to 2nd August 2008 and during the eight months, have continue to allow their contaminated products to be distributed and further consumed by thousands if not millions of innocent babies.

If the problem was reported and acted upon immediately upon discovery, the damage and effects would be probably be less devastating. However, reporting an immediate problem does not seemed to be China's strength. In fact, when it is reported or when their government seemed to be aggressively reacting, often times, the problem would have already `exploded' beyond cover up. SARS vividly brings back similar sad memories of how the government has tried to cover up the problem until the problem became an international health issue and many innocent lives were sacrificed.

I can't imagine what else is still being covered up or dressed up from within. I am just waiting for the next `explosion' and only God knows what it will be. I wonder how many more lives will be affected or lost by the next cover up................

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