Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Baby Taboo - No Shoe Until One Year Old??

Ryan got his first pair of shoes the other day. My sister Jenny bought him the first pair. It's Carters, white, made of cloth and is totally comfortable and stunning on him. He looks so cute and handsome with his shoes on. We bought it at a 20% discount and it still cost her close to RM20. Anyway, we reckon that he will be able to wear the shoe probably for another 3 months before he will outgrow them. I guess I would have to `persuade' Jenny to replace it with a larger one then.

The funny thing is, we are totally ignorant of all the taboos or `pantang larang' that the older folks have when it comes to children and believe me, for Chinese, they are lots of it. We were a little surprised when we brought Ryan out recently for a function, nicely with his shoes on and showing off when someone asked us whether we got the approval from my mum. Emmmmm....stupid as it sounds, we were like ...errr...."WHY??""

Apparently, according to the Chinese taboo, babies should not be wearing any shoes until they have celebrated their one year old birthday. Ryan is exactly 4 months old today. Don't ask me why because I have no idea or glue whatsoever that prohibits babies wearing shoes. Anyway, since we were ignorant of the taboo, we have not asked and went ahead. Luckily, my mum didn't say much about the shoe wearing issue when we brought Ryan home to visit her during the last weekend, except, for a brief moment, when she was queried by another `auntie'. She brushed if off saying something like "modern couple nowadays". I didn't want to ask her for the reason in order not to aggravate the incident or create an issue.

If you have a story to tell about why a baby should not be wearing shoe before their one year old birthday, we will be happy to hear about it. There are lots of other taboos. For instance, we are not supposed to comment in front of the baby that he is a good boy or he has grown well. In fact, come to think of it, we not supposed to say anything positive in front of him. The reason is that the baby might just react negatively to such comments and behave negatively. How on earth can we start implanting positive thoughts in our babies if we can't tell them that they are OK?? And there are also a load of superstition and taboos for an expecting mother. Probably more of that in my next post. But if you any to share, it will be interesting.


Moon said...

You also agree that those little shoes are just SOOOOO CUTEEEE... I don't understand that why they said dun wear shoes until baby turns 1 yr old. I just can't wait to buy my Baby Moon cute little shoes. I already bought the shoes when I was pregnant.. Haa.. But one thing, they really grow very fast, the shoes can't be wear very soon.. BUT STILL CUTE! Haaa..

Daddy said...

Hahaha. I'm sure that the pair of shoes that you bought for her during your pregnancy will no longer fit her growing feet. They are definitely growing up fast. On one hand, I'm glad that Ryan is growing well but on the other hand, I'm kinda of sad because I miss holding him as a tiny, helpless, cute baby. Before you knew it, he will be that 2 year old rascal climbing, running and screaming at every corner....

Wonderful Life said...

If not mistaken, old people says that baby won't be able to learn walking if put the shoes on babies before 1 years old... :P

But for me, i think it's best not to let babies wear shoes when they started to stand up right and cruising upright around the house. This is because with the shoes on, they won't be able to feel the floor surface and when they're on bare foot, they will be scared to put their feet and touch the floor surface refusing to walk without shoes on.

Daddy said...

Oh I see. I guess you are right especially they are still learning the feel and every new sensation. Anyway, we only put on his shoes when he goes out shopping because he looks so cute and handsome with them.

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

The shoe is nice, I like white colour very much! Your sis had a great choice!

Yeap, I also heard of the pantang of not letting our bb wearing shoes till one year old, but I also ignore of it. Luckily my mom did not comment much when she saw Sarah wearing shoes.

Daddy said...

Hi Sarah's Mommy. Yupe. White is nice. Another friend bought him another pair of leather sandals. A little too big for him now because we tried it the other day, and it keeps on dropping off. Will post another picture of that soon. Saw some very nice design shoes but the price tag is crazy!! RM125 for a pair. I can buy at least 3 packets of Enfalac A+ 650g refill that will last him a at least 1.5 months.

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