Tuesday, September 23, 2008


I was a little caught up with the current milk contamination issue for the past few days. As expected, the news get worse every passing day, as reports of higher number of victims, widening effects of the scandal, bans and recalls by numerous countries and panic stricken parents continues to roll in. As I look at my own baby, I can only pray that he would not have to go through the pain that many babies are going through now in China. When he was taken ill when he was only 2 months old with flu, cold and cough, we were already worried sick. I just can't imagine what a wreck we will become if he too is caught in the scandal. My heart and prayer continues to go out for every single affected parent world wide. May they find the strength and endurance that is greatly needed to pull through this difficult times.

I came across an extremely helpful site by the Malaysian Paediatric Association of Malaysia, known as Positive Parenting. The site contains many useful information to both expecting mothers, parents as well as to parents with growing infants and kids. There are sections on Maternal Care, Child Care and Paediatrics, Family Matters and Nutrition (which include topics like breastfeeding and complementary feedings).

Bookmark this site for your future reference. I certainly have because I've found that bringing up a child responsibly is no easy or laughing matter. Enjoy the site and I certainly hope that the information there would greatly assist you as much as it has enlightened me.


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