Monday, September 22, 2008

White Rabbit Candy - Second Time Around

The Singapore's AVA was reported to have found traces of melamine contamination in the While Rabbit Candy 2 days ago and have issued a ban and recall of this product. Following Singapore's discovery, our government has issued a similar directive. But what is interesting to me was the fact that this is not the first time that the White Rabbit Candy was caught in the limelight. An article by the Star Online dated 30th July 2007, reported that the Malaysian government has already instructed stricter checks (especially in Sabah) on this brand of candy after reports in the Philippines that samples were tainted with formaldehyde, a preservative and embalming chemical that can cause cancer. However, AP reported that China has resumed shipments of candy to the Philippines after tests by the Chinese government showed the chemical was not present in the product.
According to Shanghai-based candy manufacturer Guan Shen Yuan Company, distributors in Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong had performed their own tests and found the confection to be formaldehyde-free. One year later, I guess all these governments would have to ban the same product that is now tainted with melamine.
Malaysia was reported to be imported a total of RM58bil worth of goods from China in 2006 and is the third largest buyer of China-made products. Given the current melamine contamination scandal and the list of products banned by many other countries due to various contamination, this is definitely not welcoming news for a normal consumer in this country. The question is, can we live without any China-made products in our lives?

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