Tuesday, September 30, 2008

So what Is SAFE??

It was reported the Yahoo News on the 26th September 2008 (http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20080926/ap_on_bi_ge/as_china_tainted_milk) that baby cereal from Heinz and Silang House steamed potato wasabi crackers were also found to be contaminated by the Hong Kong authorities. As a precautionary measure, Heinz have issued a recall of the affected product. Meanwhile, it was also reported that Marudai Food Co, in Japan has already pulled back it's products including cream buns, meat buns and creamed corn crepes from supermarkets. Macau, too have reported to have detected melamine contamination at 24 times the safety limit in Koala March's cookies, made by Lotte China Food Co.

On the 29th Sept 2008, it was reported that Cadbury, the British chocolate maker, was ordering a recall of it's Chinese-made products after saying that tests "cast doubts" on their safety. Two other US food makers have also started their investigations on Indonesian claims that high traces of melamine had been found in China-made Oreos, M&Ms and Snickers, but they stressed that the same goods had been tested negative in other Asian countries. By the way, Kraft Foods Malaysia has declared that their entire Oreo range including Oreo Wafer Sticks does not contain milk ingredients sourced from China while Mars Malaysia have also declared that "we are confident that none of our chocolate or confectionery products made in China (Snickers and M&Ms) include any dairy ingredients adulterated with melamine - and they remain safe for consumption."

Cadbury is said to have recalled 11 chocolate products made at the Beijing's factory distributed in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Australia. Kraft Foods Inc and Mars Inc meanwhile, said that they would adhere to a recall order of Oreo wafers, M&Ms and Snickers in Indonesia, but insisted that they wanted to conduct their own tests with outside experts. As a precaution, Hong Kong supermarket chain ParknShop was also reported to have pulled Chinese-made Oreo, M&M and Snickers off their shelves.

We, in Malaysia, have been a list of products declared as "Safe" over the last couple of days. I am personally uncertain as to whether, all the products were actually tested by the Ministry or were they declared safe based on the assurance given by the respective manufacturers. As of now, I will try to stay off dairy products as much as we possibly can and make sure that Ryan is on breast milk as much as he can until we have more positive news that the worst is over. But seriously, how would we, a small normal consumer, would ever know?????

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