Thursday, September 18, 2008

Nothing good comes out from China!!

6244 babies sick and 3 died from tainted milk powder in China!! How outrageous! I just can't imagine the length that some people will go just to earn an extra dollar. Just because for the extra profit, many more innocent young lives are now on the line. Looking at the pictures of these pitiful faces, my heart aches and cried out for justice. I do not even want to begin to think what if the child laying in the hospital undergoing emergency treatment is mine. I can truly feel what the parents must be feeling....anxiety, fear, pain and above all anger.

China again hogs international limelight. I'm watching astro even as I typed this post, and they are showing videos of the number of parents with their babies packing hospitals seeking treatment. It seemed that nothing good and honest will ever come out from China. To mask their watered-down milk to make it appear higher in protein, these heartless `businessmen' added melamine, a banned chemical used in plastics. It was reported that infants who have consumed these tainted milk powder between 3 to 6 months have developed acute kidney failure. More news here :;_ylt=ArmdX5PhKCkBc1wiCwB.zmuaK8MA
My search on melamine and what it is used for is shocking. Melamine is apparently invented in 1830's. Composed of nitrogen, hydrogen and carbon, melamine is a material used to make plastics and laminates. When combined with formaldehyde and at extreme heat, melamine will form a moldable material that once cooled off, will hardened and is virtually UNBREAKABLE and is dishwasher safe. Although not toxic to the body, it will quickly creates kidney stones and renal failure once consumed. I shivered at the thought of these foreign materials being consumed on a daily basis by babies whose fragile and tiny bodies are yearning for nutrient to grow.
I pray that the poor affected babies will recover and that the affected parents will be given strength to go throught this very difficult times. I pray that the culprits be bought to justice. For now, I don't think I will place too much trust in anything made in China (not that I have all these years).

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