Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Tainted Milk - Safe List from Malaysia Ministry of Health

From going through the circular as issued by the Malaysia Ministry of Health dated 28th September 2008, they have declared 994 products from 35 companies as `safe'. You can find this list as updated by them in their website here: They have indicated that they have given the approved list based on warranties given by manufacturers as well as testings conducted on samples. As indicated in their website, as at 28th September 2008, they have tested and cleared a total of 26 samples, which means that the remaining 968 products declared as `safe' are based on the assurance and warranties given by the respective manufacturers that the raw materials were not sourced from China.
Bookmark this website to learn of new products being cleared as `Safe'.
Meanwhile their 'Lampiran 3' which is supposed to highlight the products tested only shows 13 products to-date. There are listed as :-

1. Chocolate Coated Wafer (Passion)
2. Oreo White Chocolate Wafer Stick (Kraft)
3. Mini Cornetto Chocomint & Tiramisu Flavoured (Wall’s)
4. Moo Soft Cookie Sandwich (Wall’s)
5. Susu Tepung 123 Honey (Dutch Lady)
6. Susu Berperisa Strawberry (Dutch Lady)
7. Susu Tepung Rumusan Bayi (Frisolac)
8. Mini Poppers Vanilla Flavoured (WALL’S)
9. Mini Poppers Strawberry Flavoured (WALL’S)
10. Honey Stars (Nestle)
11. Drumstick Minis Chocolate (Nestle)
12. Drumstick Minis Vanilla (Nestle)
13. Soft Cookies Sandwich (WALL’S)

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