Friday, October 17, 2008

Baby Ryan's new wardrobe

A few things we noticed with Ryan getting 4.5 months old now. He can sit up with some aid. Last night, I put him against some pillow to have his pictures taken. Secondly, he has definitely grown. My wife has just changed his entire wardrobe and taken out his 6-12 months old clothes. In fact, the label of the GAP pullover that he was wearing read 12 months old. The paediatrician said that he has good growth and his length above average. Haha. I am so glad and like to tease my wife that luckily Ryan has not inherited his height from her (She is just above 5 feet). But Ryan has definitely inherited the size of his head from her as her whole family has emmm....larger heads. Some of his 0-3 months and 3-6 months clothes are still so new, hardly worn for a couple of times. I wonder what we could do with them now.

We are glad that we got some of my wife's colleagues who went to US recently to buy some branded and reasonably priced clothes for him from the factory outlets. The designs available are nice too and we sure can't get them at the price we paid for when we bought them in US. I guess children nowadays are so lucky as compared to the era when I was a baby. Parents nowadays are more than willing to spend more lavishly on their little ones, more than they would spent on themselves. Well, I guess that is what parenthood and sacrifice is probably all about.

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MsSheepy said...

don't have to buy too expensive baby clothes. little kids outgrow them very fast. It's good you have friends who are able to get those clothes at a cheaper price elsewhere ;)

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