Saturday, October 4, 2008

How To Burp a Baby?

One of my first challenges when our confinement lady left was to feed Ryan and more importantly, how to burp him. I've seen the confinement lady did it a dozen times, but when it's my turn to do it, it doesn't seemed so simple after all, especially when Ryan is only one month old and he is so fragile. Anyway, someone has to do it. I hope that I could share two basic techniques that I have found useful.

A baby will take in air into his tummy during feeding. Therefore, it is necessary to help him let off the air through burping less he throws up. It is advisable to burp him when changing breast (if breast feeding) or after every 2 to 3 oz.

The first technique that I've learnt was to place Ryan on my lap. Using the left hand, place his head against your left hand, supporting his chin using your index finger and thumb. Use the base of your left hand to gently press against his tummy. Lean him forward slightly and gently pat or rub his back or shoulder using the right hand. (See second picture)

The second technique is to place his against your chest with his head slightly over your left shoulder, supporting him with your left hand. Using the right hand, gently pat or rub his back or shoulder. (See picture on the first picture). Make sure you have a napkin placed across your shoulder unless you want him to throw up all over you.

Burping the baby takes a lot of patience. He will sometimes burp after a few pats or immediately the moment you sit him up or lean him against your shoulder. Other times, it could take a good 5 to 10 minutes before he will burp. The other trick that I've learnt is to put him down and sit him up again a couple of times if he refused to burp.

Believe me, there is a great sense of unexplained satisfaction when he burps and it is pure music to my ears. And it is interesting to note that no two burps are exactly the same! Pay attention and you will find out.


Wonderful Life said...

Your Ryan so good boy...let you burp him. Compared to my Ryan, he doesn't like to be burp with the first technique at all!

Daddy said...

OH. So you have to put him over your shoulder to burp him? My confinement lady is very good at this. I will try the first method first because the several times I used the second technique, I have milk all over me....:(

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